Why You Should Attend Ultra Cape Town 2015 & Full Line Up:

I had mixed feelings about Ultra Cape Town 2014 year for a number of reasons. Of course, the music always comes first and the “EDM” phase it a good one and a bad one. It’s awesome that kids can party in a safe environment and have an absolute blast. It’s a pity that the DJs on the night played so many of the same songs in each set – that’s pretty much a DJ no-no. It’s also disappointing to know that the thousands of kids who go to Ultra will make absolutely no effort to support local South African electronic producers and DJs – that makes me sad. On the other hand, Ultra is a global event that has one of the best rig sets ups, sound systems and production features – in the world. And Electric SA were able to secure them to host the South African edition (which isn’t a downgraded crap version, it’s the real deal) – thank you for that.

Last year, unfortunately, we had to queue for about 2 hours before getting in so I was in a super bad mood when we did park. The local stages were far smaller (and kinda pointless) as everyone was there for the main stage (fair enough, at least they thought to include local artists). The food stalls wouldn’t take cash so you had to stand in a massive queue for coupons and then a massive queue for food. Can you feel my bad mood rising?

BUT! It was the first of the type of event in Cape Town. It was a beautiful evening out. Security was made a priority. The production was brilliant. There was more than enough space. There were numerous bars (albe the selection limited). Traffic leaving was a lot easier. Do festivals nail it every time? No. ALL music festivals have had good years and bad years. That’s why it’s important to support them so that they can afford to do it again the next year, try new lay outs, sets up and infrastructure services and give them the opportunity to streamline the event.

Ultra Cape Town 2015 LIne UpThis year they have another world class line up, including a bass house contingent which makes me SUPER happy and I LOVE bass house! I’ve been absolutely dying to see is Gorgon City, but they weren’t playing in London when I was there in September. I’ve had a few tweet exchanges with them so the that they’re coming to us to take in beautiful South Africa means even more! So, again, thank you Ultra SA for that 🙂

I went to the Hardwell in Cape Town show last year and apart from the super cheesy introduction video, it was a REALLY good show  So it’s great to have him on the line up too!

Ultra 2014 was by no means a failure, but it takes practice hosting such a massive event and thousands of people had the best time of their life. So I say, ‘Here’s to Ultra South Africa 2015!’ And with a KILLER line up (I’m a huge bass house fan) I’m actually really looking forward to it this year.

  • Where: Ostrich Farm
  • When: Friday the 13th, February
  • Cost: R850/R950/R1500
  • Gates open at 2pm until late.

Join the Ultra Cape Town 2015 Facebook event for further updates.

Here are a few of the bass house artists playing that I love:


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