Logo The OddwordHaezer’s Video Launch for TroubleMaker is around the corner. He’s thrown together an awesome South African line up but international electronic producters The Oddword are also on the bill! BCTC took time to catch up with the duo to hear about their forthcoming trip to South Africa.

BCTC: South Africa is a pretty remote location, heavily influenced by international art and culture. What was the electro scene like in Belgium when you were growing up?

OW: We always had a heavy dance scene in Belgium. When I grew into electronic music it all started out with techno for me. When I started going out, the main electronic genre in clubs was tech-house, with big festivals like 10daysoff & I Love Techno which brought techno and other dance genres to the masses.

BCTC: You’re known for “tearing the roof off” when you play parties yet some of your compositions are quite deconstructed and techy. How does your writing compare to your live performances?

OW: Before The Oddword, I was signed under an alias to Dj Hell’s “Gigolo Records” wHich was renown for its tech-electro-house sounds. I think some of my producing roots still pop up here and there. Live is always more energetic compared to sitting alone in the studio because you feed of the crowds energy !

The Oddword

BCTC: Have you been to South Africa before?

OW: First timer!

BCTC: How did you come into contact with Haezer and decide to come to play his video launch?

OW: I’m not sure! I know I did a remix for his “it’s not our fault track (Mähtrasher records)” and played in Italy and Germany together, but not sure what came first 😀 When he invited me over, I couldn’t resist taking a trip to the Mothercity!

BCTC: Your bio says you prefer when your audience says “Whoop whoop” or Boink! Where does Boink come from?

youtube => Rotterdam Termination Source – Poing 😉

BCTC: Have you learnt any South African slang?

OW: hehe Haezer tought me some of the basic tourist dirty mouth stuff 😀 Beside that I know braai! Also our language isn’t that different from Afrikaans. “dus ik dat wij elkaar wel begrijpen ?”

The Oddword BeverenBCTC: Have you heard anything about South African electronic music lovers? If so, what? (I hope we don’t’ have a reputation of being boring!)

OW: Actually I have not heard anything bad. I saw a lot of cool pictures of parties so I guess you guys know how to throw a party!

BCTC: You’ve done dozens of remixes. How do you choose which artists you’d like to work with?

OW: Sometimes I just start making remixes of tracks I like and then they turn up into a release. Most of the time artists ask me for a remix. Then I check if I can work with it, and if so, I remix it … Hard!

BCTC: Is there anything that you’d like to do whist you are here?

1DFB7D64-239B-4357-92CB-2C0932F59607[8]I love the fact its summer now! In Belgium we now have snow 🙁


  • Whales
  • Penguins
  • Party Hard
  • Ostrich Riding ?!
  • Sharks
  • Nature
  • Party some more

Make sure you get your tickets for Haezer’s video launch happening on February 2nd, 2013.

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