Parklife 2015

MTV’s Parklife 2015 (Cape Town) music festival recently took place at the Greenpoint Cricket Club. I was looking forward to the day, but unfortunately missed the band I wanted to see as I didn’t arrive in time! This is because I decided to take an Uber as I thought the traffic would be a nightmare (it usually is in that area). So I parked in town and then took an Uber to the festival, but when we arrived there were no traffic issues whatsoever! Access was an absolutely breeze and a pleasure to enter.

The festival was well laid out but, unfortunately, not well supported. I’m still surprised and puzzled by this. I’m suspecting it is because of the long weekend, but what a pity as Parklife had a fantastic line up including South African bands PHFat, Jeremy Loops and international acts Modest Mouse, Kinglande and American Authors.

Boring Cape Town Chick IMG_0143

While the festival had been advertised as a gourmet food festival, this was not too accurate as it was really a food truck festival – which is awesome in itself! There were a number of trucks providing a variety of food right on the edge of the dancefloor. This allowed for easy lunch of supper (or both) without missing any of the musical action.

Parklife Food Trucks

The first artist I managed to catch was Jeremy Loops. I hadn’t seen him live in a while and was happy to catch him before his next international tour.

Boring Cape Town Chick IMG_0147 Boring Cape Town Chick IMG_0148

While I’m been busy grafting in the digital marketing world, I lose touch with the SA rock scene. Luckily I had 2 experts with me, Sideshow and Texx and the City, who could answer all my questions and update me with all the local is lekker music deets.

Side Show Texx and the City and Boring Cape Town Chick

Parklife is family friendly event and it lent itself to be enjoyed by all ages. With lush, green lawns and beautiful views, Parklife has huge potential to grow into a Kirstenbosch Gardens styled event.

Boring Cape Town Chick IMG_0150Boring Cape Town Chick IMG_0162Parklife Cape Town 2015

As Loops’ set ended, the sun decided to give us a show in true African style. The colours were super amazing and I was almost more impressed with the sunset than the music! It really was WOW! Greenpoint Cricket Club = great location for a pop music festival at sunset!

Greenpoint Cricket Club sunsetBoring Cape Town Chick IMG_0172Boring Cape Town Chick IMG_0173

The moon also tried to compete…

Sunset over Greenpoint Park

The next band was the band everyone had been waiting for, and had sworn I would know a song or two, Modest Mouse! They are a really large band with a number of players, which was great to see being well fascinated in Cape Town. I did know the first song, but I couldn’t tell you what it was! They did a good job though and even tuned the audience member who threw something up at them – revenge of the bands! Bands are sick of being abused and, fair enough, it’s damn rude.

Boring Cape Town Chick IMG_0174 Boring Cape Town Chick IMG_0175

After Modest Mouse was Klingande, who have been making a big impact on the international airwaves. Goldfish recently included them on their compilation mix and they’ve been heard across the house clubs this past summer. Klingande ended the night with their upbeat pop house, playing easy house music with their live saxophonist.

Boring Cape Town Chick IMG_0180 Boring Cape Town Chick IMG_0184

In closing, Parklife was really well organised. The band interchanges didn’t take too long. There were ample barmen/maids at the bar, although sponsored booze ruled the day as usual (but there was hardtack available for those not looking for selected beers and ciders). There were also sufficient loos (this really can make or break your festival exp!). There was ample space for the audience and the food trucks. I really hope it will be better attended next year as this is a great project that deserves local support.

Parklife 2015

*Thanks to Parklife for the ticket to the event.

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