Double Tree Hotel Slider & Beer Special

A few weeks ago my friend and I were invited to the beer and slider pairing at the Double Tree (Upper East Side)’s Liberty Restaurant. I know Salt River can be really quiet at night so I wasn’t too bothered when I navigated my way up Queen Road to the hotel. I parked in the downstairs garage and took the lift up to find my mate I am Phill Black. Instant I was surprised as to how big and modern the interior was. There are a number of businesses, a gym and even a shop inside! Bought over by the Hilton, the Double Tree was really impressive on first impressions.

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We were warmly welcomed by the manager on duty, who made us feel very welcome in a very genuine way. It was impressive to see someone working in an upmarket spot with a personable attitude. I liked that. He made no bones about the services available, but remained professional and informative.

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Phillimon, as I call him, initially sat at the bar like counter along the side of the restaurant to take in the music. Double Tree had a background musician who played covers really well. )It’s my dream to remove all c-grade musicians from making restaurants noisy!) I enjoyed his music on the evening.

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Since we were there for the slider special we ordered nothing else. I did, however, switch my craft beer for a cider, which they were happy to facilitate (I don’t drink beer). The sliders arrived and looked delicious! They included a Moroccan spiced lamb burger topped with tzatziki. A South African ostrich burger with sweet cranberries and melted brie and an Asian styled BBQ inspired chicken Char Siu burger. Here they used chicken mince and didn’t serve chicken breast as is usually expected of a chicken burger. I really appreciated this authentic touch.

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Each of the patties are on soft freshly baked rolls sourced from the nearby Woodstock Bakery, with most of the fresh greens coming straight from the hotels’ rooftop vegetable garden. The salty sweet dishes come together with scrumptious sweet potato crisps that were crunchy and perfectly seasoned.

The craft beer available is from the Devils Peak Brewing Company, a leader in local craft beer.

After dinner and some good banter, Phillimon and I were shown the conference and suite facilities at the hotel. The view from the Double Tree is really beautiful and I loved seeing Cape Town at night from a different angle.

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The suits we saw were double storied, offering a comfortable lounge and dining area downstairs as well as spacious bathroom and bedroom upstairs. I immediately thought that the hotel would make a perfect location for brides who want to get ready with their bridesmaids. Ample space for everyone, whether you’re doing hair or make up or even painting your own nails. Apparently there have been bachelor parties in this hotel that have gotten out of hand, so if you do want to stay there, please keep it tidy! The rooms are too nice to spoil.

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The rooms are really well appointed and the hotel has a generally modern feel. There are conference rooms that are able to facilitate a few hundred people. Next time you’re looking for a conference venue, keep the Double Tree in mind.

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The hotel combines chrome, glass and fabrics to provide a modern yet homely feel.

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I enjoyed visiting the Double Tree. The food was really good and reasonably priced at R110. Visit them to try their slider and craft beer special. And should you be looking for a meeting venue for a lunch or a dinner, then keep the hotel in mind. It’s easy to access and very central.

*Thank you to the Double Tree for having Phill and I for dinner.

Double Tree Sliders

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