[REVIEW] Mondiall at the V&A Waterfront

Earlier this season, on a truly awful winter’s evening, Mr Love and I made our way to Mondiall at the Waterfront where we had been invited to visit. I was interested to see the new premises as it is the Green Dolphin’s former location – a jazz restaurant that my brother frequently played at, as both student and professional musician. Before I left home I had some cheese sticks that unfortunately filled me up a bit more than I had wanted to! However, I was keen for some tasty food since it was so cold.


We arrived by freezing to death from the car park and were really happy to be inside the new, modern, renovated space. Now trimmed with frosted glass and chrome, we were seated next to the dockside window, allowing us to look over to the city shining in the distance.


As we relaxed and warmed up, we were served by the most wonderful waiter. I feel terrible for not remembering his name now, but he looks like Julias Malema! Which he did tell me was a common remark. He was so good humoured about it, but I’ve still forgotten his name. (I’m so sorry! You were wonderful!).

Mondiall BarMondiallMondiall V&A WaterfrontThe service was so warming at Mondiall that I even decided to have a cocktail! In this weather, I must have been mad, but they had blankies that you can use to cover your legs and I suddenly just felt like one. It was a passion fruit margarita and it was very tasty!


For starters I went for the glazed pork belly (like I always do). It was beautifully presented, topped with micro-herbs, a mayonnaise (something I’d not had before with pork belly), chillis and perfectly delicate and delicious crackling. It was a fresh, new take on pork belly and I really enjoyed it. I’m sure it would be even better in summer time.

Mondiall pork starterMondiall pork starter Mr Love had the fresh hummus which was also a delight. I ate half of his and ruined my dinner 🙁 It really was SO good though! Mondiall has shredded red onion over the top, again, something I’d never had with hummus and it was sublime.

Mondiall HummusMondiall Hummus

For mains I ordered the beer braised short rib. Our waiter did suggest the lamb, but I was dumb and had something else in mind, so I was quite surprised when it arrived. I think I had expected it to be pulled or off the bone! (Don’t know where I got that from). At this stage I’d already ruined my dinner by greedily eating the hummus 🙁 so I only had a bit of the short ribs. I loved the salted, freshly roasted tomatoes on the vine, the bacon and baby brussel sprouts (that’s really what attracted me to the order – yes there are people on the planet who like brussel sprouts). I don’t like truffles so I switched the truffle potato mash for cauliflower puree, tasty!

Mondiall Short Ribs Mondiall180IMG_1230

Mr Love had the fillet, which he ordered medium. It came a little rare for his liking, but was incredibly soft and flavourful.

Mondiall FilletMondiall Fillet

By this stage I was super stuffed and literally couldn’t have a dessert. Mr Love decided to indulge and ordered the Chocolate and Guinness pudding which was a really pretty picture. Paired with latte ice cream, it was also some of the best ‘crumbs’ I’d ever had! Seems like a stupid comment but the crunch, flavour and texture complimented the dish beautifully.Mondiall fondueMondiall Dessert

I’d love to visit Mondiall again and try their food again, without ruining it on cheese sticks and hummus (although it’d be hard not to order it again!). I really enjoyed the atmosphere at Mondiall and would happily return. I think their front porch bar and outside bench area will also be gorgeous in summer time:


My “Oh gosh, mains are still on the way. Why did I ruin my dinner?” face.Mondiall180IMG_1228Thank you to Mondiall for having us and thank you for reading! xx


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