Bar-B-Que Steakhouse, Parow.

Many years ago I visited a restaurant with my ex boyfriend and his family that soon became one of our favourite spots. Bar-B-Que Parow is a landmark restaurant influenced by Namakwaland in the Northern Cape. Great quality meat and value with a touch of comedy – they have a few strange rules, such as a cover charge of R50 if you don’t order a meal! I guess they’re busy enough to charge you if you’re going to hold them back from making their profits, fair enough.

Bar-B-Que Restaurant in ParowBar-B-Que


Paying over R100 for a steak at a great restaurant isn’t unusual, but it’s usually for 250g / 300g. The beauty at BBQ is that R130 doesn’t get you a 300g steak, it gets your a 500g steak! The portions in this place is crazy!


The speciality at Bar-B-Que Steakhouse is schnitzels. There’s a wide range from mushroom, mushroom and cheese, pepper, pepper and cheese and more! And they are HUGE. I had the full portion once before and I literally ate it for 3 days afterwards.

Ladies PortionIMG_9223

You gotta love the Northern suburbs for their brandy prices as well. I ordered a double brandy and coke and of course, they had every brand I could think of and gave me a large can of coke; something that died years ago when restaurants learnt they can charge big can prices for 200ml cans! No matter which brandy I chose, it was all R10 bucks a shot, you gotta love it!

For supper I had the small portion of a cheese and mushroom schnitzel which was still huge (R80>). My partner had the full portion, what a lag! Three HUGE pork schnitzels and pepper sauce with chips (R150). We put a phone to show next to the plate to illustrate how large they are. You can eat and eat and eat but there was on finishing it. So we had it for supper again the next night.


Bar-B-Que is a must for everyone, just one time. Take a drive out to Parow and enjoy the feast. The restaurant may look like Springbok in the 80’s but that’s half its charm, good honest food for great prices that are delicious.

P.S We tipped the waitress R50 and just round the whole bill off. The manageress double checked with us if we were happy to include the 20c that rounded the bill up. I thought she was joking, but she was VERY serious and insisted that it was our money and that she must be sure. You gotta love Northern hospitality. It’s good to know honest values still exist somewhere in the city, even if it was only about 20c!

Find Bar-B-Que at 327 Voortrekker Road, Parow

Call them on 021 99 6328 for reservations.

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  1. says: Natasia Iversen

    hello meg – ek is ‘n groot bewonderaar van bbq – natuurlik mal oor die ribs, my vriendin weer oor die schnitzels … sien julle die 27ste november en die 11de desember. altyd my hoogte punt van my vakansie. stuur groete vir marius … groetnis natasia – 072 985 1634 of hoor graag van julle.

  2. says: Monique

    my fiancè proposed to me at this place! First time customers too. Wat an awesome place! The owner was in on the surprise! Loved every moment. The food was really FANTASTIC!!

  3. says: Jaco Wessels

    Just the place for a Vrystaat-Boertjie to go to. Ive been in CT for more than 20 years and haven’t known of it. I will be taking my hungry bunch there in the next week. Sounds like the sort of place I grew up with.

  4. says: Wilko Visagie

    Hi Meg! Ek weet nie of jy my onthou nie…. Wilko Visagie! Ek is Deon Koegelenberg se pel! Ons klomp het gereeld daar gaan eet! My Pa het die plek ontdek Via ‘n Vriend ongeveer dertig jaar plus terrug. As kind het ons baie van Calvinia af kaap toe gekom en dit was een van die hoogtepunte om daar te gaan eet. My pa Johan Visagie (Klipwerf Orkes) het een aand onwetend ‘n 1.67kg steak daar geeet en eers na die tyd gehoor hoe groot die steak was.

    1. Wilko! OF COURSE! We went to Newlands together, HAHA! πŸ˜€
      Amazing re 30 years ago. Shows how long Marius has been serving great food.
      That’s crazy re 1.67kg steak, but I believe it because Marius’ portions are HUGE!
      Thanks for stopping by, checking out my blog and saying hi πŸ™‚

  5. says: Hannetjie kotze

    This is my family’s favourite eating place for many years. The owner makes a point of visiting each table to chat when the big rush is over. The food is amazing. n Lekker kuier plek. Bespreek vroegtydig.

  6. says: Werner

    I live around the corner and must say that this post perfectly places it! This restaurant has been here since my mother was a child and now we enjoy it Stoll together while she reminiscently describes her first time! The snitzels and ribs are of amazing portions that we regularly enjoy! Definitely a must for anyone

    1. Amazing! So lovely to know that the restaurant has become a cornerstone for more than 1 generation.
      Thanks so much for stopping by and enjoy your foodies when you next visit! I know I will πŸ™‚

  7. says: Pieter Jansen van Vuuren

    Thank you so much for this article, small establishments do not always get the credit they deserve, been at BBQ Steakhouse in Parow a few times, what a cosy and awesome place, and xxxxx value for money, portion taste and otherwise. Place is awesome, owner, waiters and the like, oh yes and the owner is the chef……
    Make sure you book though otherwise you might be dissapointed… Their phone number if anybody wondered:021-939 6328

    1. Hi Pieter,
      An absolute pleasure!
      I enjoyed BBQ and am happy to share the hard work & passion of Marius and his team.
      Thanks for sharing the telephone number and for stopping by. Have a great day πŸ™‚

  8. says: Niecie

    LOVE this place! I was also introduced to it by an ex-boyfriend. Atleast one good thing came of the relationship. The owner is a very nice man and comes to your table and talks to you as if you’ve been friends for years. He is also the one and only chef. So all the good food is thanks to him. Pity that he will never devulge his secret recipes. For now, I am just happy to enjoy the good food (for the next 3 days)

  9. says: Andre Kotze.

    Nothing bad ever came out of Namaqualand. Just a thought ‘boring cape town chick’, befriend the owners and learn real Namaqualand wisdom and values.