[Service] The Flying Pan Goes 2016

Yay! I’m so excited to help share the word that my favourite food delivery service has just launched themselves into 2016. What on earth do I mean? Well! The Flying Pan is an awesome Cape Town start up who delivers precooked meals. So think Woolworths meals, except 10 times tastier, with bigger portions and more heart and soul.


The Flying Pan cuts out the shopping, the cooking and the serving at the end of your working day. Don’t get me wrong, I actually love cooking! But, doing it 5 nights a week when you’ve been busy all day and then shopping, can get exhausting. The Flying Pan makes that all the more easier.

On Monday the Flying Pan launched their brand new site and logo and it looks FABOOOOSH! Ordering and paying for your food is easier than ever, with all transactions happening on site with delivery the very next day. The service is looking to expand into the Northern Suburbs as well, due to demand.


The Flying Pan offers delicious, nutritious, home cooked meals with a touch of expertise. The meals have extra herbs added or a technique used that makes it better than a home cooked meal slapped together. It’s delicious comfort food.


Joining the Flying Pan’s site is absolutely free. There is also no delivery charge. I previously ordered 10 meals over 10 days. So from Monday – Friday and Monday – Friday I had all my supper time meals covered for about R550 (R55 per meal, on average). If I go to shopping I easy spend double/triple that and if I get 10 meals of out, I’ll probably have to have the same thing two or three times. If you’re cooking for one, you know how dull that can become. The Flying Pan meals solve that problem by offering a fresh, new meal each day.


If you are a new customer, you will have to add your items to your basket first and then create an account. If you are a returning customer, you too will be able to add your items to your basket but then, when you check out, you will have to select Returning Customer and log in from there.


Browse the menus to see the meals on offer that week. There is one meal per day. Add your meals to your basket. You will see the little turquoise circle (in the top right corner) change as you add meals.

Flying Pan ORder

Once you’d added the meals to your basket, you will be able to check out. The Flying Pan makes it very easy and they will show your order and offer a number of payment offers. Hover over the turquoise circle and select checkout from the drop down menu.

Flying Pan ORder 1


Once you’ve selected Checkout it will take you to the address input page. Insert your address and select the ‘I’ve checked that my suburb is within the service area’, if you have. Or click the service area hyperlink if you haven’t and would like to check if you fall into the service area. If you are a new account holder, select Create an Account. A little drop down space will show where you will be able to create your password.

Flying Pan ORder 2Flying Pan ORder 3

Then you can select the payment method that best suits you. I LOVE Snapscan and am so happy The Flying Pan is offering this service!

Flying Pan ORder 4


(In this example) simply scan the code, enter the amount (seen above on the top left), pay and voila! Bob’s your uncle! Or tasty food is the win! Relax and enjoy your food being delivered to your door.

I urge you to try out The Flying Pan service. If you’re having a busy week or sick of cooking for one, give it a bash. It’ll give you more relax time in the evenings and you will enjoy the casual, comfy, delicious food. Enjoy!

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