Awe Africa Lunch Service!

IMG_3383Firstly, Happy Friday everyone! The 1st one of February nogal! I hope February is a “love”ly month for you 😉 Now if you’re sitting at work and wondering what’s for lunch already then look no further! There’s a niffty little delivery service new in Cape Town’s CBD!

Awe Africa popped up on my Twitter. I took a look at the daily menu (changes every day) and I was impressed when pork was on the menu. It seems the swine has been predominantly shunned in our Halaal proud city, fair enough, but I’m Christian! So I’m always pleased to see it sneak onto menus. For that reason, I ordered the pork “sandwich” and gave it a go.

Awe AfricaAt the agreed time, a man on a bicycle came cycling into my view. Fast, eco-friendly AFFORDABLE lunch on my door step, FTW! The pork was actually a wrap accompanied by couscous and mint. It was a great lunch time offering especially in the Cape summer heat. It was tasty (although I did think they were a little heavy on the sweet mayo sauce – kinda outshone the pork (boo).) But for what it was, with a little hint of mint, at R30 (deliver included) it was delicious.

So if you’re looking for lunch today and want to try something fresh and convenient, check out Awe Africa on Twitter or Facebook. Their menu should be uploaded by now, order away – they start delivery at midday.

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