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We’ve survived the madness! It’s Monday and we’ve come out of the epic weekend in one piece – well, at least I hope you have! HUGE congratulations to Seed Experiences for absolutely the best Rocking the Daisies in history, so far. I said the 10th year would be my last one (I’ve done 8 in a row) and I can honestly say that I can depart with a bang since this weekend was so great…having said that, it WAS SO EPIC that I might have to return next year 😉 Here’s what went on:

The Road to Daisies

Funnily enough, there were hardly any daisies this year! I think the farmer has switched to wheat as there were beautiful golden wheat fields in the spring light and a distinct lack of flowers. The colours were so pretty anyway, it really didn’t make a difference. And I was happy to trade in ducks for flamingos at sunset 🙂

IMG_5719 IMG_5670IMG_5671IMG_5714

NOT Camping at Daisies

I have to ‘fess up and say that I love Rocking the Daisies as I no longer camp! I also have a designated driver, which makes staying off the farm easy to do. We love our little cottage in Darling and enjoy waking up to the sounds of birds tweeting.

IMG_5814 IMG_5813 IMG_5725

Green Peace at Daisies

Rocking the Daisies prides itself on being an eco friendly festival and this year was no different. With a number of fun eco initiatives, here are a few I caught along the way:

IMG_5676 IMG_5687

Go Prepared

There are some essentials that I won’t go to Rocking the Daisies without, and this year I was sent an awesome astrocat Jan Sports bag, which was super helpful for my camera equipment, battery pack, etc.

JanSport at RTD   JanSport at RTD JanSport at RTD

IMG_8774JanSport at RTD

The Daisies Vibe

This year the 10 year really went all out to add decorations and fun to all sections of the festival. From clearly demarkated parking and camping walk ways, to in festival activations and superb lighting for every gig and DJ set, this year was the most pretty, and engaging, RTD has ever been.

IMG_5690 Rocking the Daisies Brutal Fruit Daisy DenIMG_5691 IMG_5692Rocking the Daisies wooden dome  Rocking the Daisies wooden dome Rocking the Daisies Food courtRocking the Daisies Food court

Electro Dome (Rave Cave)

The rave cave was on point again this year. With a solid structure, shelter from the wind (remember that year, arg!), the lights and lighting was incredible this year. They ceiling lights were slightly different with 2 circles, triangles and arrow shapes running down the roof, I MAY have preferred last year’s roof lights, but really, we’re comparing premium with premium here. The sound was also very good and louder than I’d ever heard it before.


Dean Fuel


Niskerone & Miki San Tzu


Miki San Tzu at Rocking the Daisies Niskerone at Rocking the Daisies

On stage with Rudeone & Hyphen. 4am & going strong!

IMG_5808ROAN AND HYPHEN Rocking the Daisies


Main Stage

This year Daisies had an awesome line up that included The Kooks, The Cat Empire, Milky Chance and one of SA’s biggest bands playing the festival for the first time ever – FokofPolisieKar.

IMG_5702Rocking the Daisies main stage 2015


The Cat Empire setting up

IMG_5742 IMG_5744 IMG_5745 IMG_5746 IMG_5751 IMG_5752

The Cat Empire (setting up)


Hog Hoggidy Hog Tribute Band

 IMG_5823IMG_5825IMG_5841IMG_5837 IMG_5829IMG_5860IMG_5858 IMG_5856 IMG_5854


The Kooks at Rocking the DaisiesThe Kooks at Rocking the DaisiesThe Kooks at Rocking the DaisiesThe Kooks at Rocking the DaisiesThe Kooks at Rocking the DaisiesThe Kooks at Rocking the Daisies

Daisies by Night

Now that the main stage has relocated (as of last year), festival goers can chillax and the lawn and take in the sweet sounds while chilling out. Or, head closer and join the dance floor madness.

Boring Cape Town Chick at Rocking the DaisiesRocking the Daisies walk wayIMG_5737IMG_5738Rocking the DaisiesIMG_5727

Head Spaza Stage

Head Spaza Stage Rocking the Daisies

Rocking the Decade


The ONLY thing I would change is, no Red Bull? HAIBO! There’s only 1 brand of energy drink, let’s not mess around. Otherwise, congratulations to Seed Experiences and Rocking the Daisies for TRULY stepping up your game this year. Accreditation was a breeze, entry was easy, parking was organised, the sound and lighting was great (well done Kilowatt), the entire infrastructure of the festival was just 10 times better. THANK YOU VERY MUCH and keep up the awesome work! You are making South Africa a better place 🙂

**Special thank you to drum n bass DJ Hyphen who helped me with the photographs. 



And for those of you who have stumbled upon my blog and would like to learn more about Rocking the Daisies and music festivals in South Africa in general, this is for you:

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