Red Wine Romp at Catharina’s, Steenberg

Catharina’s, beautiful restaurant on the Steenberg wine estate, played host to their second Red Wine Romp this September and I was lucky enough to be invited to join the evening. The first Red Wine Romp was incredibly successful, selling out in just 24 hours; thanks to reputation of the restaurant and strength of the Catharina’s mailing list.
Known for contemporary comfort food, presented in a modern and simplistic style, Catharina’s welcomed visitors on the 18th of September to celebrate red wine from farms around the region. I’m not a big red wine drinker, but have recently wanted to make more effort to exploring it and the Red Wine Romp couldn’t have been a better opportunity.
For once, working in Tokai was an advantage as it only took me 2 minutes to drive around the corner to enter the beautiful Steenberg estate! It’s remarkable how far away one can feel instantly while on the tranquil farm overlooking the city lights.
Boring Cape Town Chick Catharinas 676
Steenberg Estate  Catharina's at Steenberg
I was warmly welcomed by the Catharina’s hostess and staff, with a glass of ice-cold bubbly. I sat in the bar and watched the guests arrive and enjoy a toast to the end of the week in the comfortable lounge area.
Graham Beck sparkling wine  Bar at Catharina's
Soon we all moved into the dining area and were welcomed with a little introduction speech about the evening, the wine maker and what we can expect to eat. Each table had an abundance of beautiful red wines available for guests to sample and enjoy.
Boring Cape Town Chick Catharinas 679Boring Cape Town Chick Catharinas 677Boring Cape Town Chick Catharinas 682
For starters we were served a ham hock and barley soup. I love ham hock so I was dead happy to start the meal with a beautiful soup.
Boring Cape Town Chick Catharinas 697
The mains were buffet style so everyone could choose their preferred protein – or all three if desired!
Boring Cape Town Chick Catharinas 693Boring Cape Town Chick Catharinas 689
Mains included a beef dish, a duck dish as well as a chicken casserole with the most beautifully creamy, indulgent mashed potatoes (butter for days!) or rice and roasted vegetables. My favourite was the beef and mash, such a classic combination and my Irish heritage wasn’t failing me here. It was delicious!
Boring Cape Town Chick Catharinas 686Boring Cape Town Chick Catharinas 684Boring Cape Town Chick Catharinas 701Boring Cape Town Chick Catharinas 687
For desserts we were spoilt with a date/chocolate malva pudding type creation (can’t recall what it’s called now!) with custard or ice cream available from an ice bowl! And creme brulee.
Boring Cape Town Chick Catharinas 702Boring Cape Town Chick Catharinas 705Boring Cape Town Chick Catharinas 703
The Red Wine Romp at Steenberg is a lovely evening out. Guests sit together at long tables, which allows for networking or to simply meet new people. Enjoy time with your friends or family at the Red Wine Romp, everyone is welcome although I’d say it’s an evening for adults and not children. Bottles of wine are passed down the table, sharing is caring and the tone is relaxed.
Boring Cape Town Chick Catharinas 709Boring Cape Town Chick Catharinas 707Boring Cape Town Chick Catharinas 710
Thank you Steenberg for having me at the Red Wine Romp. I’d love to return with friends and family in the near future, especially because Steenberg has so many new ventures around the corner…


Trick or Treat Flyer
As we head swiftly into the last quarter of the year, summertime soirees and elegant festive season celebrations are just around the corner. Steenberg will be launching its brand new Steenberg Methode Cap Classique 2010, named Lady R, on the 22nd of October.
Steenberg Halloween Run is adding a touch of Halloween fun to their calendar. Runners can choose between a 5km or 10km run in the vineyards! Funds that are raised will be donated to charity.
Bistro Sixteen82 (also on Steenberg) is releasing a brand new spring menu for the sunny season ahead. Executive Chef Kerry Kilpin says, “as we head into spring, we wanted to introduce some lighter dishes to the menu; it’s more of a transitional menu than a summer menu, as such. While there are lighter options and meals with a summery zing, there are also still heartier dishes like Braised Lamb Neck and Roasted Pork Belly available.”
The Steenberg golf course has now reopened as an 18 hole course after having its irrigation system revamped during winter. The new Hunter irrigation system, imported from America and one of the first in the country, has added subtle changes to the course’s conditioning as it is all electronically set and timed, allowing for more or less water to be used in certain areas, as required.
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