[SPONSORED] NonStop Reminds Me: Be Creative

I know that being creative is a matter of exercise. Not the kind that you do on a bicycle or in a gym, physically, but rather about making the commitment to do something every day to help you develop. When I pick up a pencil these days, I get really annoyed with myself because my drawings aren’t nearly as good as I know they can be. Why? Because I don’t practice. I don’t put the time in. Then I wonder why my skills have gotten ‘unfit’.

Last year I shared a video with you guys from Ballantines. A photographer went underwater and took a beautiful image of a diver posed like a man on a boat. These days so many things are photoshopped and, actually, I have nothing against it. It’s creative too. But I have to take my hat off to those who do it the old school route and really get into things.

Today Ballantine’s has another really cool video. This time about a crunk dancer, except they’ve really set him up in a hugely unlikely position and then said, “Ok dance”. It’s pretty cool. The dancer’s name is NonStop and he has over 350 million views on his YouTube dance videos! Apparently he’s gravity defying, so that’s what they challenged him to do.

Ballantine's Presents Nonstop's Breakin' Gravity Wall 1

I really like his face as he looks of Ethiopian or Somalian descent and I like to learn and see new people who do interesting things.

Ballantine's Presents Nonstop's Breakin' Gravity Nonstop Profile 5

If they wanted to string you up that high, would you do it? Not me! Check it out:

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