The Larder Supper Club

I’m in love with the Larder. A really soul filled little breakfast/lunch spot hidden in the backroads of Claremont. After running breakfast for some time, they have branched out into supper time now too with the Larder Supper Club.

I was invited for their supper club a few weeks ago and actually ended up having dinner alone. If you’re a South African who has never lived or traveled overseas, I’m sure this concept frightens you to death! But if you have traveled or lived abroad, doing anything alone really isn’t a big deal. In fact, people overseas chose to do things alone even if they could have a friend! It’s still one of the best things I learnt to do while living in London.

The Larder Supper ClubThe Larder Supper Club

ANYWAY! As I was saying…

I joined the Larder for their Monday night roast chicken dinners. They have a great special on that includes:

1 whole Elgin Free Range Roast Chook
3 sides & a bottle of house wine

The table for 4 costs R600, which is basically R150 per person. Before I visited, I thought to myself, “Wow, R150 for dinner on a Monday night?” But then I visited and realised it’s really a very fair price. If you have a glass of really good quality wine it can cost you R50 in most places. So (taking away the wine) R100 for dinner on a Monday night that includes a decent portion of chicken and 3 sides PLUS the added bonus of not having to cook or clean up! Sounds good to me!

The Larder Supper Club

The starter on this particular evening were healthy falafel balls with tzatziki.


Then arrived the grand main. Naturally I didn’t eat the whole chicken myself but rather shared with another table (I was a table of 1 not 4!). I love that the Larder did that as I think we need to focus on being more sustainable with our food choices. The chicken looked yummy!

Roast Chicken at the Larder

Roast potatoes cooked in duck fat, YUM! With beautifully, moist, cooked chicken with perfectly seasoned skin (people always seem to forget to season the skin!).

Roast Chicken at the LarderRoast Chicken at the Larder

The sides included a brocolli salad with cashew nuts, baby marrows and red peppers.

Broccoli salad at the LarderBroccoli salad at the Larder

Dessert was a salted caramel chocolate tart and BOY was it delicious! Sonia focuses on healthy alternatives so it wasn’t your usual very, very short crust, it was made differently, but had as much crunch, if not more. The texture was really needed to off balance the goo (YUM), with the raspberries and salt cutting through the sugar rush, it was delicious!

The Larder Chocolate and salted caramel tartThe Larder Chocolate and salted caramel tartThe Larder Chocolate and salted caramel tart

Sonia, the owner of the Larder, focusses on healthy food and ingredients in her cooking, relying on natural flavours. So what I’m really saying is don’t expect the world’s biggest amount of fat in her food! Even her ‘sweets’ are made with healthy alternatives so that they can be as healthy as possible

Make sure you visit the Larder for their Monday night supper club. It’s available this Monday night again, here are the Larder Supper Club Facebook details. Booking essential as there are 3 various time slots: 5.30, 6.30 or 7.30 slots available. Email to book. Enjoy!

The Larder at NightThe Larder at Night

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