Be Nice to the Planet with Tasty Hampers with Quorn

Are you familiar with the brand Quorn? If you are, then you’re probably 1 of 2 things, a fitness enthusiast or a vegan. Yip, fitness junkies around the world can be as particular with their diet as vegans are, ensuring they eat healthy and appropriate meals in accordance with their fitness routine. But I feel like I’m jumping in half way here. Let me start at the beginning.

Yes – I have a vegan friend at work. Two actually. I have learnt SO MUCH from them. I’ve loved it. No, they don’t sneer and snarl when I have meat for lunch, no they don’t force us to go to Plant for every staff function and no, they don’t stick their nose up if I talk about tasty stringy cheese on pizza.

But what they have done is made me aware of how reliant we are on animal products, how much we use them without even THINKING about it and how present they are in so much of what we eat and do. People think veganism is about taste. The BEST thing I’ve learn about veganism is that is has NOTHING to do with taste. In fact, most vegans DO enjoy the taste of meat.

Their ethos lies in rejecting the farming of animals for human consumption and use. Veganism is more about believing it’s immoral and unethical to breed and abuse animals for human consumption and use. And in truth, I can’t REALLY argue with them.

Do I love veal sausage rolls in Holland? Damn right! But do I love that baby cows are removed from their mothers so that we can have the milk and then eat them in pastries? No. Do I love cheese and butter? Yes! But do I love that the cows have to stand in slim gated pens and be milked all day til death do them part? No.

We all go on about bacon and how good it is for us, we”, for our souls anyway! But we get angry when Chinese people eat dogs and cats even though pigs are more intelligent than both species. We’re all bad people, in one way or another, we are.

But am I going to give up meat? Am I going to stop eating ice cream? Even margarine as whey power in it! (I tweeted Flora, it’s true.). And am I going to give up MAC make up because people don’t realise that it’s a subsidiary of Estee Lauder who tests their products on animals all over the world ANYWAY and it’s not just MAC? No. I’m not. But at least now I’m aware of how selfish I am.

Last week I went shopping with my vegan friend and bought some vegetarian nuggets. She said the Quorn ones were so much better and ran to get them for me! I had them last Friday and they were really tasty! No more or no less tastier than a McD’s version (except I baked mine and didn’t deep Fry them). My mom came over on Monday when I was ill, I made some for her too. I just let her have them without telling her they were vegan, she liked them and THEN I only told her. I laughed when she said, “God, what’s in them?” DEFINITELY NOTHING WORSE THAN SLAVE CHICKENS THAT WE USUALLY EAT! 😀

The Quorn nuggets are actually made from mycoprotein (similar to mushrooms) and are really tasty. I mean, they’re so nuggety that it’s really still all about the sauce/nugget combo. And I did have some mayo with it (this is the problem with trying to be vegan, even when you give up meat you can’t always give up diary!). And I really loved them. So much so that Quorn is allowing me to do a give away!


If you’d like to contribute to saving the planet one meal at a time (because, yes, I do think every little bit counts; think about saving money, you don’t just save a ton in one go, you build it up) then you could win a Quorn hamper!

Quorn Vegan hamper give-away

Voted “Product of the Year 2016,” in a survey of over 5,000 South African consumers in the Vegetarian Meals category, Quorn Vegan Range offers choice and versatility. If you’d like to win a hamper then please:


  • Leave a comment on this Facebook post telling me which meat you feel the most guilty about eating.
  • Please leave your e-mail address.

Or enter via TWITTER:

  • Retweet this post please
  • Include the hashtag #LetsBeBetter

Quorn are offering ten lucky followers each the chance to win a Quorn hamper valued at R500  and which includes a Tefal wok pan, R100 in vouchers and an apron.

PLEASE READ MY COMPETITION T’s & C’s on the WIN tab above.

Thanks and good luck! 😀


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