The 8 Best Things about CTEMF

YIPEEEE! It’s CTEMF weekend peoples! If you do not have your ticket yet, GET ONE NOW! It’s hand down the best electronic music festival in Cape Town (if you’re actually interested in electronic music and not chicks with foam guns). It’s held at City Hall, which is SUCH an amazing venue! Here are my favourite moments from CTEMF and what you can expect:

1. Awesome Venue – City Hall


2. Outside Dancefloor

My CTEMF 2016 started with my bestie opening the outside dancefloor. The street is cordoned off between City Hall and the Woolworths building which is PERFECT for a hot summer’s night. Everyone jammed on the street until late into the evening. BEST!


3. The Balcony Light Show

As if City Hall isn’t an amazing venue in itself, the lights that CTEMF use to make the experience all the better, can be absorbed right in front on the dancefloor OR from the balcony. It’s INSANE when you’re standing in the gallery and taking in the light show, it’s truly AWESOME!


4. Multiple Dance Floors

CTEMF doesn’t only light up City Hall, they have the outside dancefloor and often 2 venues upstairs. This means you can listen to different genres at different times if you prefer one to the other.


5. The Best Local Artists

CTEMF really stand behind the awesome South African electronic music scene. They intersperse them between the internationals so that our guys can really have the opportunity to show what we’re made of. It’s very cool to support local DJs and know the internationals are getting a good ear full from us too.


6. PROPER International Electronic Producers and DJs

CTEMF focuses on bringing out DJs with notable careers that are artfiled and authentic. I think it’s amazing as it gives local artists something audience to aspire to. Success is not always a David Guetta music video or Ultra raves that travel the world. Don’t me wrong, those producers have a place in the world, but I just personally prefer the more subtle, underground DJs who create beautiful music that we can really be inspired by.

Only the biggest legend of all time @MRGOLDIE!!! Thank you @ctemf :)) #LifeGoals

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Not only do the artists perform at CTEMF, but they also give lecturers which are amazing as it allows a select number of local people to hear them, ask questions and engage with the artists. VERY COOL. Last year included drum n bass legend Goldie.


7. Food Stands

Random comment, but it’s nice to grab a snack if you want to spend the afternoon at the festival and go into the evening. Or arrive early and grab a bite to eat on Friday night if you rush by after work.


8. Main Dancefloor

The main dancefloor has such a rad vibe! People are there for the music, to dance and to appreciate electronic music. It’s a really cohesive audience and the energy in there is just amazing!


CTEMF is an absolutely awesome festival and you should DEFINITELY join! There are all SORTS of genres at CTEMF and if you don’t like one, just move to the next room to hear something you like or listening to something new. Hands down one of my favourite festivals in the mother city, get your tickets NOW!




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