My Birthday at TravelStart

Happy Travel Tuesday everyone! Today I have an awesome post to share with you because it’s one of those behind the scenes experiences, which is always fun to see and even better to do! On my birthday, 24th of Feb, travel company travelstart invited me to their offices to help them judge their blogger’s competition. So I took a half day at work and made my way to the city bowl to visit.

I’ve been using travelstart for YEARS! I don’t know if you could book flights on the site initially, but you can now. It’s a SUPER helpful tool to compare flights without having to do to 10 actual carrier’s websites to see what’s available. So I was really happy when they contacted me and excited to visit them. I didn’t even know they had offices in Cape Town, never mind such RAD ones! The travelstart offices are AWESOME! BIG with lots of space to get creative and, of course, I love travel. So it was great to visit them at their HQ.


Their outreach specialist, Lyle, gave me a good tour of the premises while introducing me to their team. It was great to meet so many other people who work in digital marketing (like I do). But, soon crunch time came and I had to add my thoughts on the entries of their #CapeTownChallenge. Take a look:

It was a really tough decision because I know how much effort the finalists put into their entries. It was great fun to be a part of the process. To wrap up the day, CAKE! Travelstart spoiled me rotten with a birthday cake from Charly’s! It was DELICIOUS! And lasted a few days as it was rich and gooey and TASTY!

HUGE thanks to Lyle who organised the #CapeTownChallenge and to Kate, who is the social media executive at Travel Start. I had a really lovely afternoon and appreciate being spoilt so much – thank you! Here’s to many more 🙂




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