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Moms, they’re precious things. They can also irritate us to death, but that’s only because we take their unconditional love for granted. What a cheek us kids have! But it’s time for us to show the love. This Mother’s Day, Cadbury Glow is giving us the opportunity to spoil our Moms/motherly figures. Enter their fantastic Facebook competition and you could stand a chance to win an experience for you and your Mom worth R5000! All you have to do is go to their Facebook page, find the pinned post and tag your Mom in the post. Easy! Here are their Terms & Conditions.

5 Times My Mom Loved Me Unconditionally

The truth is moms do more for us than we will, REALLY, ever know. And I think the only time you can really ever know is when you become a Mom yourself. But, over the years, I’ve considered my mom as a person, as a mom, as a friend, as a wife and a mom to my brother as well, and have often thought about all the good things she’s done, just because she’s mom. I can’t enter the competition, but here are 5 times my Mom has loved me so selflessly, I feel humbled:

1. Teaching Me Musical Terms in the Car

School? Not my vibe. I’ve always been a bad student because I was lazy and horrible and couldn’t be bothered. I didn’t try to cause trouble, I was just too immature to apply myself at school. But I learnt music as a subject which required learning terms in German and Italian (sometimes French). This meant learning, not something I was too interested in! So when my Mom would come to South Africa (I was in boarding school) and we would drive around doing errands with my Dad, she would pull out her flip file and teach me the words. She would give me little 5 minute tests, help create stories for me to remember the words (like Andante, think and-ANT-e, walks like an ant, meaning, “at a walking pace”). In the end, I got 95% for my Royal School Theory Exam.


2. Picking Me Up at 6am

I went to the SACS and the Wynberg Boys matric dances (and after parties) on the same weekend. Wynberg was on the Friday, SACS on the Saturday. I was having such a good time at 96 Degrees (remember that club!?) that when my Mom collected me at 5:30am I asked her if she could come back at 7am. LOOOOOLLL! The nerve! But what’s SO FUNNY is that I was so sincere! I wasn’t even trying to be disrespectful. I just had NO CLUE what having to pick someone up at an unGodly hour entailed! Such a charming image of myself HAHAHA! Ironically, I think I’d only had 2 drinks that night!!!

3. Moving to South Africa When I Got Expelled

In 1999 I got expelled from boarding school – long story short, the mistresses recommended I move in with my brother, who was 18 at the time. My Mom said, “Oh! But my child is such a reprobate, such a loose cannon, such a bad person, so much so that YOU can’t take care of her – how do you suppose her 18-year-old brother can?” No reply. Idiots. So she left my Dad behind in Namibia and moved to Cape Town to look after me. We fought like cats and dogs in the beginning, but it was also the making of our friendship. It’s not easy leaving a traditional Dad like mine, who works super hard and then also had to run the house in her absence so she could move to another country to take care of their kid. It was a trying time for everyone, but she still chose me (her child’s well-being). Pretty selfless.

4. Flying to London with Me, and Home Again A Year Later

I matriculated when I was 17 so my folks didn’t think it was a good idea for me to move to London, with my friends, because who would employ a 17-year-old?! I couldn’t even drink! So I had to wait for the year after school to turn 18 before I could move. By the time I could move, I had lost confidence and wasn’t too sure if I should go. So my folks flew overseas with me. Sure, they hadn’t been back since ’77 and were keen on a trip, but they still made it happen. And then, ironically, a year later when I moved back to Cape Town, my Mom was in London again and flew home with me again! Talk about a chaperone 😀

5. Crashing Into the Doctor’s Room at Bad Appointment

I had a “lady doctor’s” appointment that was a mess up from the start (not the doctor’s fault). But I was in a lot of pain and it wasn’t going well. I was in the wrong head space, feeling very overwhelmed and sad at dealing with the issues I was trying to solve. At one point I cried out in the room and my Mom called my name from the waiting room and came into the doctor’s room to make sure I wasn’t being torn apart. It felt SO GOOD knowing I didn’t have to be brave and that my Mommy would still come rescue me! This was last year… Maybe it’s not a dignified story to share, but I was very upset and she was ready to jump in, mama bear style, even though I’m an adult! It made me feel really loved and I am thankful for that.

To the Best Mom…

The truth is there are COUNTLESS more stories out there, like when I cracked my head open in a pool, stole sweets from my gran (how low can a kid stoop! LOL! The power of candy!), cried over boyfriends, WEDDING PLANNING (EISH), and many, many, MANY more instances that my Mom loved me in a way only a mother can. I’m SO THANKFUL that I have the mom that I have.

POOK – I LOVE YOU! And thank you 🙂

[Competition Now Closed] STAND A CHANCE TO WIN a R5000 Experience with Cadbury Glow and Spoil YOUR Mom/Motherly figure…

Read the full Cadbury Glow Terms & Conditions on their FB page, but here are a few quick details for you to check out now:

1. The Promotion started on Monday the 17th April 2017 – 8th May 2017. No entries received after midnight on the 8th May 2017 will be accepted.

2. You must be 18 years & older and live in South Africa.

3. Prices include a spa experience or shopping spree or cooking course for you and your mom/motherly figure to the value of R5000.

Head to the Cadbury Facebook Page and ENTER NOW!

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