Grassy Spark, Hyphen & PHFat Live at the Brass Bell, Kalk Bay

Happy Monday everyone! Arg, BOO! Ok let me try to be positive. WHOOHOO! We’re one week closer to spring 😀 Ok so I didn’t do much this weekend, even though the weather was great, but last weekend I went to the Brass Bell to support Mr John at this gig, along side PHFat, MAC Motel and Grassy Spark.

I’ve never been to a gig at the Brass Bell at night so it was awesome to see it under the stars! The sea was calm and still when we arrived, building as the night progressed. The wave pool looked GORGEOUS and if it wasn’t so c0ld, I’d have been one of the crazy ones jumping in there! Summer nights in that pool must be amazing!

Anyway, as per usual I was on YouTube telling everyone why our city rocks and why they should visit. Were you at the gig? Did you have a blast? Here’s my experience, check it out:

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