DJI Spark & WeFix Girls’ Lunch at the Grand

Have you heard of the DJI Spark? DJI is the market leader in easy-to-fly lifestyle drones, which probably doesn’t sound that interesting if you’re not a content creator. However, the brand has made such huge strides over the last 2 years that the world can no longer ignore their products.

Initially known for the Phantom 3 and 4, DJI really got the world’s attention when they made the DJI Mavic, a much smaller drone that shoots high quality footage, good enough to be used beyond video blogs. And now, they’ve created the world’s smallest drone that literally fits into your handbag, jacket pocket or backpack: the DJI Spark.

I was luck enough to attend the DJI #NewPilotExperience party at Cape Town Studios a few weeks back. It was super exciting to see the little drone in action; yes I do really want one like yesterday! Two weeks ago my friend Dominique and I were invited to the Grand for another WeFix Womens’ Day event to celebrate the DJI Spark. Here’s what went down:

For those of you who prefer not to watch video, here’s a synopsis:

WeFix Luncheon at the Grand Africa

We arrived at the Grand on Saturday morning. I’d never been to the well known Cape Town venue so I was pleased to visit and satisfy my curiosity. Would it be as pretty and glamorous as I thought? (Clue – yes! Which is totally not usually my style, but more about that later.)

We were welcomed with a vodka-orange juice, which was a great way to take in the beautiful sunny views. I LOVE the location of the Grand Africa and didn’t expect it to be so rustic. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a well established venue, but I loved that the deep and uncontrollable ocean was literally a stone’s throw away.

Alex, from WeFix, welcomed the guests and encouraged us to enjoy the food, wine and views. But, not forgetting to learn more about the DJI Spark. He had WeFix pilots flying the Sparks to that we could see them in action. Super cute, convenient and is able to shoot stills and video, it’s a pretty amazing machine considering has the same size and cost of an iPhone (unlike the bigger drones that are R20 000 – R40 000).

We enjoyed a 3 course meal which was served a little late, from 4pm onwards which was a bit crazy considering we arrived for lunch! BUT, there was a another event on at the same time and the meal was aligned with their schedule. The Malva pudding was the hit of the day, baked freshly with chantilly cream, it warmed us up nicely after sunset.

We were completely spoilt with a tech-filled goodie bag including WeFix & Hout iPhone & laptop covers, a fidget spinner, WeFix headphones (which I REALLY needed after my friend’s dog ate my last pair at work), a DJI bag & book, a teeny bottle of Wilderer and more. Oh! WeFix often works with Wilderer, my MOST favourite gin (try a double with Leeds & Fitch tonic and NO lime/lemon – the flavour is so amazing!), which just makes their events even more perfect for me!

I feel like it’s good karma to keep great brands around you – support the brands that offer a great service and that you believe in. Brand loyalty can be so fickle these days, I like to acknowledge the good ones. So thank you to Alex, Elizabeth, DJI and WeFix, it was a stunning day out and I can’t wait to get my hands on a DJI Spark! To learn more about this amazing drone, visit the WeFix DJI Spark webpage.




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