Ireland Here I Come!

Guyzzzzzz! It’s official, I’M GOING TO IRELAND! BUT not to move there, just to visit. Now I know Ireland is on a lot of people’s bucket lists, but I’m particularly pleased about visiting because I have Irish ancestors! And not ones from eons ago, but my great grandparents were Irish. So it’s a country I’ve always wanted to visit and now I am and I’m SUPER EXCITED AND nervous! I’ll be travelling alone and meeting my family there so I’m thinking travel insurance is in order.

You Probably Don’t Need Travel Insurance

WRONG! Wrong, wrong, wrong! You see this picture? This is Mr John bailing in the north of Scotland after I TOLD him NOT to go mad on the snowboard because we were in a foreign country and didn’t know where the nearest hospitals were! But did he listen? No. And then I had to help him put his t-shirts on for the rest of the holiday because he couldn’t bend his arm. EISH! So YES! YES you DO need insurance so that if you seriously injure yourself or miss your flight or WHATEVER, you can be covered.

What Does Travel Insurance Really Give You?

Ok so travel insurance doesn’t only give you medical expense coverage when you’re abroad if you’re in an accident, it also provides the following cover (which I really need to get into)”

  • Cancellation on flights if the airline cancels.
  • If you lose your travel documents or they are stolen.
  • Personal liability (in case you hurt someone else or break public property).
  • Curtailment (cancelling a leg of your trip).
  • Theft of luggage.

I don’t actually think enough of us use our travel insurance wisely, which is a good thing because we don’t want to injure, break or lose anything. BUT, it’s good to know that it covers us so much.

Adult Right, Get Insurance

I know insurance seems like a waste of money, but when you’re in a foreign country and something goes wrong, money is the LAST thing you wan to worry about. Adult right, get insurance.

But where can you get it from? Unfortunately, credit card companies DO NOT automatically give you insurance any more so most of us will need to get it from a third party.

Whenever I book something online I love aggregator sites like for accommodation or Travel Start to compare flights, so my insurance wouldn’t be any different. So I used because they aggregate all the deals and make it super easy. Check it out:

How Complicated is it To Get Insurance?

Dead easy. Just go to and fill out your basic information like name, where you’re going and for how long and “get quote’! You will then get a bunch of options and VOILA! Pick the one (*cough cough* the one with the price that suits you) and there you go!

It’s just convenient having everything in one place and being able to compare prices and services, and then select what works for me. SUPER easy. Here’s the proof:

(Me after not falling down and ruining my holiday with a sprained arm 😛 )

If reading about travel plans has given you’ve got the travel bug, but you haven’t decided on a destination yet,
check out South Africa’s Top Winter Destinations for some inspiration. Happy travelling everyone! Expect
lots of posts after October!

*Commissioned blog post.



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