Born Between 1980 & 2003? This is For You…

Born between 1993 and 2003? Then I’m talking to you! Hello Generation Z! And if you’re a millennial, then you’re welcome too.

So, an interesting infographic has recently been released by Sage, that explores what you want from the work place. Are you even working yet?! You seem far too young!

Sage Presents Millennials VS Generation Z in the Work Place

They say you’re hippies at heart – is that true? #Coachella Apparently 41% of you want jobs with growth opportunities – fair enough, who doesn’t?! (Maybe that was spoken like a true Millennial! #GuiltyAsCharged) and is it true that 74% of you want to start your own business?

Well, if you’ve got big aspirations, then Sage has put together some practical working advice that you can take into the workforce and make your dreams come true.  Here’s an interesting infographic that compares what South African Generation Z wants from the workplace compared to Millennials. Take a peek:

Generation Z in the workplace: 10 things you need to know – An infographic by Sage

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