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THE GIN BOX! This is fun! This post is for my working guys n gals who love the odd G&T. But first, some background.

I Hate(d) Gin

What’s your relationship like with gin? I used to hate it. HATE it. It fell into the same category as celery, avocado and watered down Oros – tasteless. One day I decided to have a G&T at the Secret Gin Bar in town and VOILA! My life was transformed! Why? Because they didn’t put lemon into the G&T! Instead they used cucumber and thyme and it was DELICIOUS! All this time the lemon had just been blowing the flavour out of the gin water for me and ruining the experience.

My Favourite SA Gins

But before I give all my praise to the Secret Gin bar, I must thank Hendricks gin who sent me a bottle a few years ago and who invited me to their rooftop party. It was this first introduction as an adult that even got me into the Gin Bar. Since then, the South African gin industry has just exploded and I’ve been loving it all the way.

So far my favourite SA gins include:

  • Wilderer – My absolute FAVOURITE local gin.
  • Inverroche Amber – My go to on a night out.
  • Cape Town Rooibos gin – with a squeeze of lime, WOW! Delicious!

What is the Gin Box?

Last week I was sent “The Gin Box” and was immediately impressed. You can tell this package has been well thought out, and put together with care and passion.

The Gin Box is South Africa’s premier craft gin club. Each box includes exclusive craft gin, paired tonics, quality handpicked products, comprehensive distiller’s notes and cocktail recipes delivered right to your door.

August’s Gin Box

This month’s Gin Box features Musgrave Gin. They have a popular rose water gin (which I saw at the House of H, but didn’t try it) and this new classic gin.

The Gin Box Launch

After receiving the Gin Box (and not opening it), I attended their launch last week. High up on the hills of Constantia, under beautiful “nearly spring” blue skies, I was welcomed to their gin celebration. (Excuse the iPhone pictures, I didn’t have my decent camera with me.)

There was a charming centre table filled with scents and flavours to be paired with gin. An organic feast of gin treats and a colour wheel explaining how they all fit together.

I moved from stall to stall to see what was available, recognising some brands like Hope and New Harbour, while seeing some new gins (like Musgrave), which I was able to sample.

We were warmly welcomed by the creator of the Gin Box, giving a bit of an intro and encouraged to enjoy the afternoon. It was a lovely way to spend a lunch time!


Horse Riding and the Gin Box

I then went to have a braai with my brother, sister in law and nephew on Sunday afternoon and we decided to dig into the Gin Box. It was the perfect thing to take along as it was all in one! There were pairings in the box (ginger jellies and chocolates), Leeds & Finch tonic waters and a bottle of Musgrave gin. Dan and I cracked open the gin and had a few toots around the braai in a horse yard. Can’t say I do that every day!

How Do Your Order The Gin Box?

The Gin Box is an e-comm store so you just pop to their website and select how often you want to receive a bottle. The options are once a month (R650), once every two months (R650), one every three months(R650) or you can send it as a gift (R750).

Thanks so much to the Gin Box for sending this delightful package my way. I absolutely LOVE the concept and hope you guys subscribe. It’s an affordable and easy way to build up your bar without having to go to too much effort. Alternatively, give a Gin Box away as a gift. It’s a great present and I’m sure your gin loving friends will enjoy it.




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