TASTIEST Eggs at Kahve Road in Cavendish

Happy Friday everyone! Sorry that I’ve been so quiet this week. The bad weather has gotten me unmotivated and sitting on the couch enjoying the Great British Bake Off has seemed like the most important thing in life. But! The weekend is here and I don’t want you to go into the world without ONE idea from Boring Cape Town Chick! So here you go:

[Photos by Team Team Photography]


Kahve Road is a new restaurant in Cavendish Square. Now you’ll know by now that I pretty much hate malls (who wants to look at all the rad things you can’t have and then when you try something on you’re too big, fat or tall for them anyway?!). So I’m NOT one to usually promote restaurants in malls (usually even MORE soulless than how you feel when you leave with empty shopping bags) but Kahve Road honestly did look amazing and it had a travel theme! You know I’m a sucker for travelling.

The Basics on Kahve Road

Kahve Road is located in Turkey and couples as this new restaurant’s name (which used to be CoCo SoFar or some other name I’d never visit). From the moment you see it, BOOM! Snazzy! I LOVE the floating logo and the warm, wide mouth that welcomes you into the coffee cave.

On the left, a counter FILLED with amazing French style baked treats. On the right, baristas ready to make you a perfect cuppa.


Let’s Have Something To Drink

It was the picture of the milkshakes that got me to Kahve Road. When I was invited to join them, I couldn’t resist their shakes. Could you?


This was a Dark Road Milkshake (R49) which is made from home made vanilla ice cream, milk and roasted white chilli peach chocolate. What’s interesting about them is that they’re not super creamy. Don’t think of a double thick, this is more spring like and light. So it’s best to have them while they’re fresh and frothy, it’s almost a totally different kind of drink. The touch of chilli was divine and added a really nice dynamic to the drink.

Mr John had orange juice, which was also light and frothy.

What’s For Breakfast?

For breakfast I had the Croissant Benedict. “Croissant with a perfectly poached egg and Hollandaise sauce with a choice of cured lamp strips, smoked salmon or fried garlic spinach” – R98.

Agreed, about R20 more expensive than your neighbourhood eatery, BUT it was DELICIOUS and I haven’t stopped thinking about it since! The garlicky undertone of the spinach just off sets the creaminess of the eggs SO well.

I also asked for my eggs to be well done because I don’t like the yolk, Kahve Road made sure to do this and I really appreciated it.

Mr John went for the Chocolate Chip Waffles with warm chocolate sauce, tonka bean ice cream, roasted white chocolate, peach and chilli shards and dusted with cocoa sugar. – R95.

Quite pricey for a waffle but you have to give them credit for the tonka bean ice cream which was something we’d never had before. The waffles were also delicious, but I think Mr John wanted even more of that ice cream 😉 .

What’s For Lunch?

Ok, so we were there for breakfast/brunch and also lunch (oops!) so we went into full spoil mode, ordering ourselves something else to try out. For brunch aka lunch I tried an artisan pies. I had the traditional lamb cottage pie, R79, and it was only when I trying to decide between the pies and the quiches that I realised that Kahve road was halaal! NO PORK! What a celebration (but more about that below).

Coupled with my pie I had a beetroot and orange salad (R26). Small, fresh, simple, don’t need nothing more.

I enjoyed the pie but I think they used frozen peas which I’m not a big on. The pie was flavorsome and the pastry was well cooked.

And For Pudding?

With a dessert counter like that, it was IMPOSSIBLE not to pick one TINY WINY little thing to eat. So I chose a salted caramel dome. I thought it would have a hard, outer shell but it was soft and jelly like! The center, perfect layers with a creamy inlay and caramel mousse-like texture, surrounding by a collar of crunch. It’s not as rich and indulgent as it looks, but considering it was lunch time, it actually worked for me!

Modern Halaal Dining

THIS is the face of modern Halaal food, in my opinion. Any time you’re thinking of having halaal the same 3 options come to mind: gatsby, curry or burgers. And I’m not a fan of Halaal burger patties. It’s SO refreshing to have a modern, delicious restaurant like Kavhe Road offering modern cuisine – that happens to be Halaal!

Maybe Halaal diners always want to try Western style cuisine without compromising their dietary preferences. And now they can. And I want a tasty breakfast without having to go for the same old options. I hate that Halaal food is always so obvious. I want integration, both on a cultural and a cuisine side and Kahve Road delivers.


Where To Find Kahve Road, Cavendish Square

Thank you to the great staff at Kahve Road, they were really professional and welcoming. Our server was young, but polite and efficient. The coffee staff were “full of beans” and were a pleasure to talk to.

Find Kahve Road on the ground level of Cavendish, opposite Aldo.





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