#CTCCX2017! Cape Town Content Creator’s eXperience 2017 is HERE!

Welcome content creators and PRs! This is your official invitation to #CTCCX2017! Yes, I’m pleased to announce that I will be hosting the second edition of #CTCCX2017 on Saturday, 11th November 2017 for all Cape Town content creators. So if you’re a blogger, vlogger, YouTuber or Instagrammer, this is for YOU!

What the Hell is #CTCCX2017?

Cape Town Content Creators Xperience 2017 is a party for us, by us, to celebrate us! Content creators don’t get end of year parties or 13th cheques for all the late nights that blogging, Instagram uploading or video editing requires – so I’m throwing a party for us to celebrate ourselves!

Why Should You Attend?

Every successful content creator started with a single follower. No one in the digital field can do it all alone. Whether it’s ticking over 1 000 likes on Instagram, 100 000 likes on Facebook or 1 000 000 subs on YouTube, COMMUNITY is vital.

I feel the same about the Cape Town content scene. If we don’t care about our own industry, support our fellow creators, then how can we expect the world to respect us (or even pay us when we don’t vote with our feet!)? It’s vital that community starts at home, with us as individuals. So please do attend #CTCCX2017 and show that you care about us and our industry.


  • Who: You, your content creator friends & partners
  • When: Saturday, 11th November 2017
  • Time: 2pm – 6pm
  • Where: One Up (Roof top bar above Fiction) – 226 Long Street
  • Cost: R20 per person to be paid at the door (please bring cash).
  • What: Cash bar available.
  • Meet other creators and Cape Town’s PR community to celebrate what we do!
  • RSVP: Click ATTENDING on the CTCCX2017 Facebook event to RSVP.

CTCCX2017 returns to One Up this November and aims to be bigger and better than last year. While there were over 100 creators who attended, we hope the ENTIRE Cape Town content creators community is welcome – big and small, and I hope to see everyone there!

Queries: hello@boringcapetownchick.com


This year we have a number of very generous sponsors like Butler’s Pizza, Borchard Quarry Wines, SweepSouth, the Entertainer and Backsberg, all of who are prepared to spoil us. The reason why i say this is because there is very little guaranteed coverage of #CTCCX2017. I want the creators to come along, mingle and relax, however, the more exposure we give our party, the better the sponsorships become year on year. That’s why you’ll be able to earn some spot prizes in exchange for tweets, Instagrams and blog posts. Join the Facebook event to see who’s onboard already.

CTCCX2016 at One Up

Balcony garden bar, One Up, offered their venue for Cape Town’s creators to gather and celebrate their hard work. Held on a week day after work, creators sat back, took a sip of Mokai, tucked into some delicious treats and networked with their fellow creators. And with beautiful views up and down Long street keeping us Cape Town proud!


Cape Town Content Creators’ Experience 2016 was born from the need to celebrate achievements in blogging, vlogging and content creating in general. But who will celebrate our work if we don’t? So I set out to create the first #CTCCX and it was a blast! We reached over 100 000 individuals on Twitter, not bad for year 1 (and considering I got the hashtag wrong on the poster, #EISH)!

#CTCCX2017 is Here

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