Camo & Krooked at Pressure, Cape Town

Camo & Krooked just rocked Cape Town and what a pleasure it was to watch them! Mr John and his business partner, RudeOne, teamed up with It Came From the Jungle to host Austrian producer/DJs Camo & Krooked. On this occasion, Reini and his partner Sophie were in town for a holiday and were able to play at set our bi-monthy drum n bass night, Pressure.

Hosted at District, the line up included Hyphen (Pressure), Niskerone (It Came From the Jungle), Camo & Krooked (Austria) and RudeOne (Science Frikshun/Pressure).Hosted in conjunction with Cape Town’s longest running weekly drum n bass party, It Came From the Jungle, the event was an absolutely blast with Cape Town’s passionate drum n bass audience gathering for a good night out on the town.

To make it even MORE fun, I dragged along my 3 “non” drum n bass friends to watch Mr John. We had a blast and it was awesome to share our nightlife event with them.

I made a vlog of the night’s events which you can watch here:

After a hugely successful evening filled with great music and lots of dancing we met up with Reini and Sophie, later in the week, to take them to Boulder’s and to do some wine tasting. They’re really lovely people, which made hosting them an absolute pleasure.

They were thrilled to see the penguins and loved the wine at Constantia Glen. I’m very proud of what Cape Town has to offer so I was pleased that they enjoyed themselves with us.

Sadly, after one last dinner, they had to fly back home to the snow and cold in Austria! Here’s hoping we see them again in Cape Town in the not too distant future.

Check out the Camo and Krooked Facebook Page to stay in touch and check out Sophie’s jewelry line; Sandersen where she makes beautiful, finely detailed body chains, earings, etc.

Thanks for coming guys and hopefully see you soon! <3



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