Hanging with Black Sun Empire at Pressure

The streak of awesome internationals continued during March for Pressure. Unfortunately, Mr John had a corporate gig with my brother so asked if I could take Mr Black Sun Empire out for dinner. Happy to help I accepted, until he asked me to fetch him at his hotel, take them to HQ and I was like,  “WHAT?! I can’t actually GO to dinner with this dude! What if he’s like a 22 year old douche bag?! And I know “nothing” about drum n bass! Please call George Daniel! I can’t go alone!”

Luckily George was free and was available to save my butt. The evening started with me 2 seconds into GHDing my hair when Eskom Se Push went off along with the power. FML. Luckily my sister in law was hope so I could pop in there, fix my hair and not go out looking like a total and utter muppet.

I fetched Misha from his hotel and he turned out to be a super awesome dude. Laid back, no airs and graces and was happy to get on with me. BUT, for the record, I was happy George was there because I couldn’t talk dnb to save my life!

We enjoyed our dinner at HQ and went off to Pressure where he played a killer set. Good times! Sadly, I didn’t vlog this time but I will going forward! Here’s to the next party 🙂 Check out their new single with Nymfo as well as their latest podcast.



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