Diary of a Blogger – February 2019

Hi ho! My birthday month! So random that it took me so long to talk about my amazing potato night birthday party! But it’s a start. Here are 5 happy memories from the month of February:

Myyyy Birthday!

After years of hosting potato nights for my girlfriends, I was convinced to do a giant potato night with lots of friends and the boys! So a 8 maximum girls’ night turned into a 30 person garden feast! It took us absolutely ages to cook the potatoes because they were also massive!

None the less, we had a hoot eating ALL the potatoes and heading out to Oblivion afterwards. It’d been YEARS since I was last there and some of my Joburg friends had never visited. So off we went and had a few last toots. Thanks to everyone for a great birthday celebration!

[How To Have a Potato Night Post Coming Soon!]

Fitness Girl Talks at Future Female

My friendship of happiness, Tracey-Lee aka Fitness Girl, recently spoke at a Future Females. She gave practical tips and advise on how to manage your time. She currently works as an attorney fulll time while balancing her body positive and fitness brand, Fitness Girl. It’s nerve wracking talking in front of a room FULL of people (probably about 200) so Tracey did really well.

Full Body Massage At Mai Thai Wellness Spa

Mai Thai is an award winning spa who invited me in for a fully body massage and fascial. I had had a HELLISH week at work (one of 3 in a row to be frank) and was too bleak to even look forward to the treatment (I was exhausted).

The spa was gorgeous; a small, old house in the Cape quarter with a cosy yet comfortable lounge. I had one of those massages were the lady climbs on top of you and kinda mends you backwards, movie style! Weird, but cool.

This was followed by a fascial and a session to explain what was happening with my skin. I’ve been trying to get hold of them to return to take photographs of the venue, but haven’t heard back. I figured I’d just show what I have since it really was a lovely experience.

Last It Came From The Jungle First – Thursday

My brother, friend and I attended the last ever It Came From the Jungle (First Thursday) edition at Fiction. The beloved Cape Town club has permanently shut its doors so it only made sense to go through to town and support the event.

Hyphen and Niskerone played all night and it was great to hear their sets. I, however, left at 1am because I had work in the morning.

Johnny Walker Black Label Event

Somehow I manage to secure an event to a really fun, roof top, early evening drinking event hosted by Johnny Walker Black. I was able to bring along my two friendships, Max & Tracey, and we ended up sipping cocktails until the sunset.

Cool afrohouse and Qgom beats played, mixed in with some R&B classics so we had a little boogie while we were at it. Thanks SO much to Johnny Walker for the Friday night spoils!



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