Stranger Things Season 3 Launch Party in Cape Town

HAVE YOU FINISHED STRANGER THINGS SEASON 3 YET?! I was SO excited when my friend invited me to the Stranger Things Season 3 launch party in town on the 4th of July. Perhaps a public holiday in the States, but here? First Thursday! And the party was on.

Stranger Things Season 3

I’ve absolutely loved the Stranger Things franchise from day 1 and was super keen to see what the season 3 premiere party in Cape Town would entail. Was it a watch party or just a celebration?

Mr John & I headed to town in the murky weather, big enough fans to be prepared to stand in a bit of rain. Having watched the level of activations diminish over the years, our expectations weren’t very high.

Once approaching the venue, a little squeal fell out my body when I saw Stranger Things street lights hanging outside the venue. It looked SO amazing and instantly got our hopes up for an awesome event – and we were not disappointed!

Stranger Things in Bree Street

The 80’s themed party was amazing from the street lights to the ride home. We stood outside the entrance waiting for the doors to open, intrigued by the pink and blue fluorescent lights shining in the smoke filled tunnel.

Luckily, I ran into a PR I knew who let us in a little earlier so that we could explore the venue and take pics before it got too full. From slowly pacing up the smokey tunnel, we entered the venue through a red streamer lined doorway.

Candy floss and pop corn flanked the hallway, with games and a photowall leading to the bar and dance floor.

Stranger Things Nostalgia

I love the nostalgia that Stranger Things captures so beautifully. Small moments in the series such as including the Never Ending Story because, let’s be honest, the Never Ending Story was this shiiiaaattttt!.

Subtle lifestyle moments help unfold the story and include the era such as the kids having to stand near the wall because of the phone cord or telling their Mom to get off the line (did kids today even know what eaves dropping is?!) as well as the inclusion of Back to the Future in the movie scene. Can they just throw in a little Land Before Time and we can be done with it?

Back to the Future

It’s a show that relies on nostalgia as an extra character and this was not lost at the Stranger Things Netflix party in Bree Street.

They bar counter had old television sets on display, the DJ box had a massive “Boom box” covering the front, polaroid pictures (actually InstaStax), a disco ball and era appropriate snacks like edible bracelets and tubes of love hearts.

The games inside the event included 3 classic carnival games (another reference to the 4th of July theme within Season 3), which visitors could try throughout the night.

I tried the claw, but wasn’t able to grab a prize. I spun the wheel and won an awesome Demogorgan Funko Pop and Mr John hit the “strong man” hammer, which sent the weight soaring into the bell at the top. He won a Stranger Things mug. (This game constantly had visitors jumping in their skin as the hammer hit the palette! What a laugh!)

Thank You Netflix!

We had a great time trying all the games even when we didn’t win! Weirdly, even THAT struck a nostalgic cord (as everyone is congratulated for simply being alive these days) – losing is an ok part of life. It gives you mettle! Being reminded of that was strangely satisfying…

Get Watching Season 3!

After hanging around and having more than our share of the fun, we decided to head home before the rain became too much. Once home, we turned on the tele and got into Stranger Things season 3. I’ve finished it already and it was AWESOME! Better than S2…that’s all I’ll say. #NoSpoilers

Have you watched it yet? What did you think?

Thanks to Netflix & Stranger Things for having us!



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