How To Save a Fortune on Superbalist

By now you guys know I love shopping online #KylieCosmetics and I’ve fallen victim to another great online brand. This time it’s something South African, which is more affordable (Can you spell #NoCustomsFees?!).

Superbziessss! Aka Superbalist. Yoh! But they took ALL my money last month! The reason? The have so many crazy sales I LITERALLY could not say no to all the offerings. How did I save so much? The golden combination of:

  • mailing list
  • app
  • wish list.


Firstly, it’s easy to save items if you  have the Superbalist app. They also give you a coupon for first time buyers so keep that in mind if you need the odd R100 or R200 off your purchases. Download the app for free in the app store.

Wish List

Superbalist uses dynamic remarketing ads on Facebook that show me ALL the things I like. And I literally mean ALL the things. This way I get to see products that are relevant to me which I can immediately buy or save for later. When I do see something I like, for example flip flops, I’ll click on it, go to the website and add it to my wish list. You can also see your wish lists in your app.

So, for example, I’ve wanted these Pharrell sneakers for AGES! Superbalist suddenly had a shoe sale and I got a HUGE 40% off!


Oh holy mailer! I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing but when Superbalist has a flash sale during lunch time, you can LITERALLY get all your favourites on ridiculous sales like up to 20% – 70% off!

AND, if you put things on your wait list, you’ll get an e-mail when that product becomes available again.

My Savings on Superbalist

Here are 3 items I literally bought over the past quarter. ALL wish HUGE savings! For example, the mirror and the bedside table cost R2298.00. I then saves R920 just because I clicks through on the e-mailer when they were on sale. That’s 40% off! The sneakers were R1599.00 and I got 40% off those too and only paid R800! I also bought my favourite new green dress for R100 (was R250), what a bargain!

E-Bucks on Superbalist

Another bonus tip is to use your ebucks on the site. I’ve literally knocked R300 off by using e-bucks, combined with a 50% sale? No brainer.

Best Way to Save

You don’t have to have the app to shop by the way. I just find it quite nifty when I’m bored and want to look things up or save items. The wishlist and e-mailer are the true heros of this story and have literally saved me HUNDREDS of rands. Real talk. The hardest part is being patient. Waiting for those “nice to haves” to come on sale and grab them.

If you can’t wait then buy your items and use their express delivery. It only costs R30 and will literally deliver the very next day. I used it on my side table and it arrived in the morning in time to be put up before my girls came over for girls potato night that evening.

So sign up to Superbalist and save BIG time! They have a great array of products and can really help you add those finishing touches to your home. PS Be warned, it’s addictive!!



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