5Gum Launch feat. Etienne De Crecy @ V&A Waterfront, 28.05.11

Unexpectedly, a friend rang to say she had spare tickets to a projecting mapping gig at the V&A, would I be interested? Always looking for something new to do, I gladly accepted and headed down. Stomping the streets in the cold winter air, sitting outside on the benches, waiting for the doors to open made me feel like I was 17 years old again, hoping to ‘get in’ to wherever we were going. It was a good feeling, excitement I’ve missed you!

Hosted by 5Gum, a new brand by Wrigley’s, an online competition was posted online whereby users could create their own projector images, post their creations and gain entry for themselves & 3 friends to the event. Clever friend! The night improved when we learnt that the bar was free! Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your preference) brandy was the only hard tac available but the Brutal Fruits, ciders, countless beers and free gum all night was enough to keep me happy!

Other epic features included the interactive screens available for the audience to explore. One projector was heat sensitive, when your shadow created a silhouette on the screen the colours changed according to your motions. Another computer allowed you to draw, Paint style, which was projected at the back of the hall, fun!

There was a DJ duo who kicked off the evening (group name unknown) followed by Krushed and Sorted: Fletcher, Grrrl & Mr. Sakitumi playing DJ/VJ with their unique YouTube-sampled compositions. The headliner of the night was Etienne de Crecy, apparently the world’s best ‘live show electronic artist’ (www.5gum.co.za), who filled Workshop17 with electronic music and a live 3D projector imaging. Although the beats and lights were fun, I’m not too sure where the 3D part came in? de Crecy was positioned high up on the wall, within a 3D cube, which hosted the projected lights but I can’t say it looked very 3D, but I’ve been told that unless you were on the dance floor, you didn’t get the full effect. Seems to bar made me lose out this time 😉

None the less, the 5Gum gums were delicious and the party was great! Check de Crecy’s YouTube videos for a fuller 3D experience. Another great night out in Cape Town. Thanks for having us 5Gum!