Happy 7th Birthday Zomato!

Zomato, my favourite food app, just turned 7 years old! You’re probably thinking, that can’t be right – and you would be correct. Zomato hasn’t been in South Africa for 7 years, but it has been available globally for 7 years and to celebrate they threw one heck of a party at the Fire and Ice Hotel in the City Bowl last Wednesday night.

I arrived and saw loads of cars (didn’t experience that the last time I visited the Fire and Ice) and The Grill cooking steak outside, lots of banners and lights so I said to Mr Love, “Oh, there must be a corporate on, it’s so busy!” Luckily we were able to park inside the parkade opposite the Fire and Ice, that really saved us.

Once we’d entered the building we realised that there wasn’t a corporate, it was the Zomato party, WOW! They had gone really huge! There was TONS of food, which was amazing! Usually food at events always runs out and I’m left starving, no so at the Zomato party!


I think they nailed it as they spread the food out. They had food at the front door, a dessert table and then the main cooked food section. This way people didn’t have to climb over one another to get something to eat (something I HATE about public food parties, people behave so badly to get to it!). It was really well organised – well done Zomato and Fire & Ice!

IMG_2322 IMG_2323

The cooked food section had fresh food too including oysters. Ribs, fish burgers, chicken burgers, prego rolls (I think) were also on the menu. Apparently the ribs were very tasty (I didn’t try any) as were the pumpkin fritters.

IMG_2329 IMG_2332 IMG_2334

Zomato also wanted to ensure that we had a good time by having an open bar. YOH! They also served killer little cocktails in martini glasses. I know they blew the hair back on a couple of people! Potent!

IMG_2327 IMG_2328Zomato 7th Birthday, Cape TownZomato 7th Birthday, Cape Town

Entertainment for the evening included local actor and comedy singer, Phill Black, as well as an in-house DJ and a guitar duo (I’m sorry, I didn’t get to hear who they were).

IMG_2326 IMG_2344 IMG_2345

The Eatery’s chimmichurri steak is one of my favourites in Cape Town, so I was thrilled to have some of their tasty meals:


There were a number of bloggers at the event. I managed to see Sarahdipidy who I’d met at the previous Zomato Meet up at the Glass Lounge. Here’s me with my giant arm, Sarah and Jenny from Zomato:

Zomato 7th Birthday, Cape Town

After everyone helped themselves to starters, mains and desserts, the Zomato manager made a welcoming speech and a tequila toast to the work of Zomato:

IMG_2350 IMG_2352 IMG_2353

After the speech and toast, more drinking and eating continued:

Zomato 7th Birthday, Cape TownZomato 7th Birthday, Cape TownZomato 7th Birthday, Cape TownHopefully everyone remembered to check in on the Zomato app!

IMG_2357 IMG_2360

Happy 7th Birthday Zomato from us! Thanks for having us at your fabulous party! Here’s to the next 7 🙂

Boring Cape Town Chick, Hyphen, I am Phill Black at Zomato 7th Birthday, Cape Town

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