Beach Party @ Evol, 21.05.11

Last night I had a random pit stop at Evol . Having spent many an hour at R.O.A.R, Mercury and The Assembly, I was happily surprised to see instruments set up on stage.¬†Just after 1am, which was a bit too late to be starting, Beach Party called the attention of the audience. 4 guys and a girl much of the We-Are-Awesome / We-Are-Awful caliber, set about indie rocking Evol, or ‘Surf pop’ as they refer to their style of music.

One of the most important elements of live music, which many new bands underestimate, is the importance of being well rehearsed. With the added pressure of playing live, putting the music first before ‘rock star’ antics is important. That is, if longevity is one of the band’s goals! Beach Party seems to have this under control.

Apart from some of their unusual fashion choices (think Dumb & Dumber bowl hair cuts) and slightly too much strumming and picking between each song, they projected a sense of self confidence and focus, persuading the audience to feel comfortable and pay attention. Lead vocals, drums, keys and lead guitar being played by the guys and bass / backing vocals by the girl, Beach Party filled Evol with perky sound waves.

If indie rock is your type of music, keep your eye on these new comers on their Beach Party Facebook Page.

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