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Ramfest 2014! I almost want to stop there because it’s so much fun! Ramfest is one of my favourite festivals as you never know quiet what to expect. It’s one that always feels less predictable as there are more people I’ve ever met or seen before, the music isn’t what I listen to all the time, the mood is fun and excitable, it’s just a bit…different.

Ramfest 2014 Main stage

Ramfest 2014 Venue

Ramfest 2014 CampingThis year we took the mission to Ramfest’s new location – over the hills and far away, but an improvement on last year’s event which was even further.

I wasn’t stoked when I saw a queue but realised they had controlled entry which I believe worked far more efficiently than people just trying to squish in anywhere.

Food stalls in grassy field under cloudy sunset skyThis venue was LOVELY! They had long grass, shaded camping and cows in the fields. Bliss. I didn’t even make it into the extended camping as I was only there for Friday night. Everything was set up in a long line in a valley. Starting from the camping, parking, electronic stage, second band stage then main stage. Opposite were many food stands offering a variety of goods (my favourite hot dog people weren’t there, I don’t think they do out of town) and clothing stalls. I heard rave reviews about the biltong (Delicious Biltong I think it was) as well as the Lotus food truck.

Outdoor stage in grassy field in mountainsAt first the electronic stage seemed really underwhelming. Compared to previous years it was MUCH smaller. I’m not sure if this is because people complained about Ramfest meant to be being a rock festival (why hate on alternative electronic music, I dunno!) or if they ran out of budget. I liked the way the stage looked though as they have 4 big screens ensuring everyone on the dancefloor was included. They also had sick lazers that were hitting the clouds at dusk! Looks like space ships, was awesome!

I Heart Music Ramfest 2014The second band stage I have to say I neglected a little bit. I passed it with every mission to the main stage but between the second and main stage were things to do, like the loos, the I Heart Music sign, #SwitchOnTheNight sight and,  of course, the Ramfest sign. I spend a lot of time trying to get the perfect jump shot in the dark but it didn’t work out too well LOL. There was one main section of toilets in the arena areas and couldn’t find any in camping. I definitely think more loos should have been available and by the post-festival poo stories I’m hearing…seems like good advice!

Ramfest 2014 Main StageThe sound and presentation of the main stage was epic. Ramfest really went all out this year. I loved the Ram monkey and the sound was excellent. I didn’t know any of the band internationals but really enjoyed Trivium. I don’t listen to a  lot of metal so I found them more easily accessible (bit of an Iron Maiden sound) opposed to Kill Switch Engage who went in HARD! As mentioned, fans had complained about Ramfest being commercial but this year the metal heads rocked out – I hope they’re satisfied.

Ramfest 2014 Trivium Ramfest 2014 Trivium Fans








Ramfest 2014 Camo and Krooked

Camo and Krooked rocked out, after Niskerone on the electronic stage, accompanied by MC Dynamite. He made the gig for me. They played a LOT of Hospital Records tunes which I didn’t expect in as much as I thought they’d go far more spacey and ourdoorsy. The set still rocked but I prefer the more unexpected drum n bass than jump up. None the less, it was a great show.

Ramfest 2014 Electronic Stage3Ramfest cleverly located the electronic stage as the last stage before the camps allowing everyone to pass by the party on their way to bed. This would explain by people were still jamming at 4:05am on Saturday morning and if Hyphen didn’t have to turn his set off, I’m sure he would have gone on until midnight. Watch the video to see those who were keen to party!

Ramfest 2014 HyphenAt about midnight I got really tired (this day job is ruining my late night party skills!) and could have joined the field nappers (kids were taking naps in the grass, left, right and center, check out John Henry’s photo’s) but I decided to reply on Vodka to keep me going. After about a dozen tequilas throughout the night, I ended up jamming with my mates, vodka and cream soda. It was a BLAST! Until I had to get up and go to work the next day. Wow. I won’t put all that down in writing but let’s just say I wasn’t a pretty sight. Be that as it may, Ramfest ROCKED! Three cheers for the 3 people who said they were ready for bed during Hyphen’s set, LOL! (See video.)

Ramfest 2014 HyphenThank you to the organisers and to everyone to made it such a fun party for the night I was there. I was sorry I missed the rest (Biffy looked awesome!) but will be BACK next year for sure! Here’s to Ramfest 2015!

My poor iPhone couldn’t transmit the sound that clearly (especially during Hyphen’s set) but you can hear how tight Trivium is at least!  Sorry for the ‘Title Text Here’!!! I put Camo and Krooked in so have no idea why it did that!!!

MyPhoto12 Ramfest 2014 I Heart Music Sign MyPhoto8 MyPhoto7


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