[INVITE] Disaronno: The Showcase #BeOriginale

Anyone who knows me know that I’m always on board if there’s a toot going. I’m not sure why I enjoy alcohol as much as I do. Whenever I have a drink it always ends up going better than I had anticipated so I order another one – why wouldn’t a person want to continue enjoying themselves? So when I was contacted about Disaronno’s (a new liqueur) creative project, I was open to hearing what it was about.

So to find out about Disaronno (more than the press release) I hit the Google Machine 😉 I learnt that the Italian liqueur dated back to the 16th century where the recipe was created and has been unchanged ever since. But as much as I love a drink, not all alcohol is for me so the only important question I needed to ask was, “What does Disaronno taste like?” and I found two important answers 1) Almonds and 2):

What Does Disaronno Taste Like

Now I’ve been known to drink Spiced Gold and hot chocolate (DIVINE, kinda like cayenne’s been dropped in it) and Frangelico dom pedros are my favourite! But it seems there’s a new Italian nut in town which I’m excited to try out!

After sponsoring The BAFTAS, Venice Film Festival and Milan Fashion Week, it only makes sense for Disaronno to continue supporting the arts and creativity. In this light, they’re hosting “DISARONNO presents: The SHOWCASE” featuring the best, most creative music videos in the planet.  Not only are the videos cutting-edge but they include introductions by the featured directors who created them. But Disaronno doesn’t only expect you to watch these creative videos, they invite you to make your own and “#BeOriginale”.

  • Who: You and your creative mates
  • Where: Truth Coffee Cult, 36 Buitenkant Street (next to the fan walk bridge)
  • When: Thursday 19th of September 2013
  • 7pm doors open, 8pm films shown, DJ until close.

To play the Vine audio, click Mute off in the top left hand corner of the video.


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