Happy 5th Birthday Fiction! 15.05.11

So after 60 months, hundreds of hours of music, thousands of shots & bottles, DJ bar Fiction turned 5 this weekend. Now, for those of you who are not familiar with the club scene in central Cape Town, having a club open for 2 years is normal. 3 years is good going and five years is incredible! Cape Town is a small city where clubs have to work very hard to keep current, ensure that they continuously evolve and cater to the masses, in order to remain open. Doing this on a non-commercial level is even MORE of an achievement.

One of the main concepts of Fiction is that it is a DJ bar. A place where DJs can play the less commercial genres that live in the music underworld on the planet. Hip hop, house, electro, glitch, dubstep, minimal, techno, drum & bass, to name a few, are the genres that have ruled the dance floor at Fiction over the past 5 years. Played and performed by Cape Town’s finest as well as up and coming DJs, Fiction is always guaranteed to offer a great time and some musical enlightenment.

This weekend’s 5th birthday party line up was no exception. Kicking off with Funafuji playing dubstep, Dank playing glitch hop, Tommy Gun playing indie electro, Hyphen & Sfr playing drum & bass and wrapping up the evening with Killer Robot playing minimal / techno. Whatever your favourite genre of music is, if there was ever a night that the dance floor was going to fall through, Saturday night was the night!

So if you’re ever looking for a great music filled night out, this small venue is bound to keep you satisfied. Happy birthday Fiction, may you continue to educate the people of Cape Town with your finest DJs!

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