PICS: Cape Town Festival of Beer

So I’m not a beer drinker – sorry. Actually, I do drink beer…when I don’t feel like drinking, I’ll have a beer. That way I know I’ll only have one. But I’m also not a killjoy. So when someone says to me, “Hey, you wanna check out the festival of beer for free?” Yes is still my answer! As that TV show says, “It’s not the vegetable that’s boring, it’s the cook!” Same principle applies here. If you have the right attitude, you can make any party work.

So on Friday night I missioned off to the #CTFOB and decided to let the stall people know that I don’t drink beer. That way, they can recommend for my weaker palate, and that they did. I actually enjoyed learning about the beers, how each one is made, where the hops come from, where it’s made, etc.

I know the festival would have been a lot more fun for me if I DID actually drink beer but I still enjoyed the environment. They had TV screens on for sport (another thing I don’t really do, oops!) which is synonymous with beer apparently. They had food stalls, of which I never have trouble enjoying, they had beer pong as well as a live band! The beer festival people were loving the band and once again it just proves my theory that a good party is about attitude, not numbers. The people were dancing, singing along and loving life – all before 9pm! Good times!

Definitely check out the Cape Town Festival of Beer next year, it’s worth the day out with mates and there are wine stands so I’m sure you’ll survive. It’s all about attitude 😉

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