Late Night Alumni, The Streets of Cape Town…09.05.11

Whenever I drive along the damp winter streets of the Mother City, with the street light reflections glowing on the black tarmac, I think of Late Night Alumni’s – Empty Streets. Even if the streets aren’t empty, it’s the sort of song that makes you feel like you’re Tracey Thorn, in your own 90’s music video, as you drive along the winding highways of Cape Town.

I’ve just left HQ for the 2nd time this month. R155 for 2 x salad, chips & steak…not a bad deal for any Cape Townian, and far from a bad taste! A friend asked if I blogged? And why not? I always felt that I was too boring of a person to blog. So I’ve decided to find out for myself. Welcome to Boring Cape Town,

“…I’m affected more than I had guessed on what was said…”

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