NEW JACK PAROW Video: Bloubek

I absolutely love the new Jack Parow music video: Bloubek! The trap-esque type single has taken so many concepts and turned it South African – my favourite! The story follows a Fight Club type scene in an underground car park whereby Parow fights a bunny. The name tag reads “Steve” on the bunny, who knows what this means but the “Steve! Steve! Steve! Alan! Alan! Alan” video comes to mind! (I could definitely have hit a few okes who over did this at Rocking the Daisies previously!)

Twerking may have originated in New Orleans (Wikipedia) but our South African boodies can give ANY nation a run for their money and this is exactly what Jack Parow has embraced! I LOVE our proudly South African women shaking their booties in their short “jean pant” shorts and ripped t-shirts. Maybe it’s be cause Jack Parow has a beautiful model girlfriend that’s he’s given up the usual, hot chick in video vibe and done something more creative? Either way, I love it!

Check it out here. P.S Any ideas who the producer is?

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