Europe Day 3 – Aviemore, Scotland

IMG_8811After a fantastic wedding last night we had to get up at 6am to leave for Aviemore, Scotland. This wasn’t fun. Sleeping in is much better. But the worry about driving 3 hours back to London, returning a car then getting to the airport, checking in, checking visas and boarding by 12:30pm was more of a worry so we got up and got cracking. I was exhausted! But luckily we did everything without a hitch.

Aviemore is situated in the Cairngorm National Park and is a small snowboarding town (in the winter). Our friends moved here from South Africa and have a fantastic home in the village. It’s a great place to visit if you’re looking for small town Scottish experience and you can go snowboarding in winter too.

Good bye sunny England. Hello overcast Scotland!

Our friends kindly met us at the airport and we stopped off at Burger King where I had a KitKat version of their McFlurry. Was tasty but their ice cream is less sweet than ours. We settled in and, for dinner, made homemade pizzas and chilled out. It was great to just relax after the first 3 days of go go go!

Random English Thing 3:

On the way to the airport we drove past Stratford Upon Avon where  Shakespeare came from 🙂


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