[VIDEO] Whale Watching in Hermanus, Western Cape, 16.09.11

Many of you would have checked out my epic whale video, when the whales swam RIGHT up to the dock we were sitting on, in Kalkbay 2 weeks ago so it’s in keeping that I should have visited Hermanus this whale season to take in as many of the giant beasts that I can. The Hermanus whale festival is actually only coming up at the end of September but I had the opportunity to visit this weekend and so I did! These little pics will show you everything you need to know about Hermanus village, I’ll say no more!

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  1. The Whale festival will be presernted from 30 September to 4 October. With its vibrant, carnival atmosphere, the festivall attracts tens of thousands of visitors each day. We always participate in the Whales and Wheels classic car show that will be held in the Hermanus school grounds on 1 October. The wonderful display of vintage and classic cars will be enhanced by a parade through the town.