[REVIEW] Wine & Cupcake Tasting at Delheim, Stellenbosch

2015 saw my Mom (Little Pook) celebrate Mother’s Day in South Africa for the first time in 26 years. We were invited to visit 3 places in Stellenbosch, none that I had ever visited.  Our first stop was Delheim for their wine and cupcake tasting.We drove out to Stellenbosch in the morning to find a rustic farm venue, situated along the Stellenbosch mountains. The actual venue of Delheim is a little way away from the entrance gate, so do take a slow drive in a wind your way up towards the hills.

Delheim Farm

It immediately reminded me of my friends’ farms that I used to visit when in boarding school. We could swim in the farm dams, feed ducks, ride bicycles (and clean out swimming pools!) while patting horses and eating fruit from the trees. This is exactly what Delheim reminded me of – a REAL farm. A farm, farm. A ‘wear-your-wellies’ or go barefoot farm.

Delheim FarmDelheim FarmDelheim Farm

Delheim is a family run farm and each member of the family has a dog! So, usually, when you see a dog coming down the way you know who will be following shortly. Delheim is cornered by a mountainous wall of tall pine trees and yellow vineyards laddered against the Stellenbosch mountains. It was wonderful to see them up close. The farm had a jungly feeling about it as vines and cycads bloomed along the walk ways.

Delheim FarmDelheim FarmDelheim Farm

Delheim feels like a small jungle. It has quite a dense, Johannesburg feel to it actually. It was very lush. I loved to see the Cape cycads on the property as well as the quintessential towering oak trees above us.

Boring Cape Town Chick IMG_0806Delheim Farm

The tasting room is in a small cellar. I always enjoy the cool feeling and dulling of noise when entering a cellar. August was our kind wine expert who taught us all about the wines. It was a pleasure to learn about the history of the farm (one of the first to start the Stellenbosch wine route, now with over 600 farms), the wine and the family.

Delheim FarmDelheim FarmDelheim Farm

We were given 6 wines to taste. I’m not a red wine drinker, but always enjoy tasting red wines just to improve my education. They were very smooth but a touch acidic (this may have been because I had drunk wine the night before, my nose is always slightly sharper the next day if I do that).

Delheim Farm Wine TastingDelheim Farm

The cupcakes were wonderful! They had various cream cheese toppings which were gooey, dense and delicious. Made on site, in the restaurant next door, I’d return just for the cupcakes! Unfortunately we didn’t visit the restaurant, but it smelt good when I stuck my head in to take a peek.

Delheim Farm cupcake tastingDelheim Farm Cupcakes

Lastly, we were treated to the Delheim Edelspatz and Spatzendreck, which are dessert wines, not usually available for tasting (thank you to August for spoiling us)! My Mom had recalled the Edelspatz from a business dinner many, many years ago and was thrilled to find it again and taste it.

Delheim Farm

August told us that it was called bird shit as a posh, foreign lady had once tasted it and said it tasted like shit! So the wine maker called it Spatzendreck, meaning bird shit. (I’m not kidding, this is really true!)

Boring Cape Town Chick IMG_0798Boring Cape Town Chick IMG_0799

While there were children and families at the tasting, I feel the Delheim wines are for a more mature palate. My Mom loved just about every single wine that she had during the tasting. We bought the Mother’s Day special (6 bottles of wine) and made our way back through the lush gardens to the car to carry on our day.

Boring Cape Town Chick IMG_0805

I get the feeling Delheim is a wonderful wintery location as well, as it’s sheltered and cozy. I think an afternoon drinking red wine, in the farm cellar, while it rained (or snowed) outside could be lovely. They’re also currently having jazz and cheese fondue Sundays as well. Visit Delheim on the Knorhoek road in Stellenbosch or check the Delheim Facebook Page for further information.


MON– SUN: 09h00 – 17h00
Snacks and Cheese platters: 15h30 – 16h30
PUBLIC HOLIDAYS: 09h00 – 17h00
CLOSED: New Years Day; Good Friday; Easter Sunday; Xmas Day
Mon – Sun: 10h30 & 14h30


R25 pp tasting (6 wines)
R35 pp tasting and tour
R40 pp De Driesprong tasting

PS On our way out we saw this guy 🙂 Boring Cape Town Chick IMG_0813

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