Tasty Water from Woolworths Drinks! 18.09.11

Praise Woolworths drinks! Dieting, whatever, it’s for people on Oprah and shows that are filmed / made / produced in the 90210 district. However, I have decided to try be a little healthier and hopefully drop a few kgs by making healthier food choices. I’m talking lifestyle here (this is the extent to my commitment to “dieting”).

In an attempt to try not drink (and eat) so much junk food I decided to buy a nectar fruit mix drink from Pick n Pay. Feeling chuffed with myself that I would be consuming a water based drink NOT filled with caffine and caramel, I marched off home feeling rather smug. To prove my point, I checked the labels of my newly found fruit mix. To my horror, I found the juice to be no better than Coke a Cola AND Sprite (which I always thought was better than Coke due to not containing caramel and caffine is even WORSE than Coke (sugar terms)! Coke has 180kjs / 100ml and the juice has 170kjs/100mls! I felt completely robbed! So I returned to the drinking drawing board looking for another alternative and sent the said juice home with my housekeeper.

Enter Woolies sparkling water! Hallelujah! Woolworths has created an extremely tasty flavoured sparkling water range called SP! Now this water is not entirely kj free, I wasn’t looking for a kj free drink, because that would be called tap water. I was looking for a tasty ALTERNATIVE to cooldrinks! The SP range is only 75kj / 100ml! So technically I can have 3 times as much if I equate it to Coke or Mix nectar juice stuff. So for those of you who are also looking for a tasty ‘cooldrink’ that isn’t packed with sugar, check it out. They have loads of different flavours but Cherry, Pineapple and Cranberry are my favourites :))


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  • datsmastyle says:

    I think people make the mistake of calling sparkling water, water. I do not think once you have added anything to water it can be water anymore. This stuff tastes a lot more like soda.

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