Enjoy Your Fine Jerks!

At least twice a week a get some A-Hole in a Beemer, Landy or Merc driving RIGHT up my arse at the Newlands / Rhodes avenue intersection because I’m driving 60kms.

You’re probably thinking that I deserve these prats on my tail but the truth is, I do not, why? Well common sense is no longer common and these drivers think I’m driving slowly for my health but I’m actually driving slowly for my wallet.

Instead of being patient and cruising behind me (because I’m driving slowly for a reason) they speed past and that’s when the beautiful golden moment occurs. The sweet silver blue flash of the PERMANENT (increases their level of stupidity) speed camera goes off. There truly isn’t any sweeter revenge than knowing that they’ll be receiving a phat R500 fine in the post!

R500 might not be a lot of money for these people but R500 is R500 none the less. Car R300 000, Fine R500, my smug expression = priceless.

P.S There are a RIDICULOUS amount of warning signs too, left over from where the old N2 camera used to be:


This is where it ends:


The warning signs actually start as you get onto the N2 at the Waterfront then continue:

Searle Street




Then there’s a warning sign where the old camera used to be just before Roodebloem road (pic above) and continues:







Last warning!


If these EIGHT warnings aren’t enough, get off my arse, use your eyes and spend that R500 on your kids’ education (or maybe you should take your driving test again)!

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