Banana Jam Restaurant is Just Too Good!

There are two restaurants that I’ve been meaning to blog about since I started BCTC; one being Banana Jam in the Harfield / Kenilworth area. The problem is with their food. It is always so damn good that I gobble it all up before being able to take a picture or think about what makes it so delic!


After a hot day yesterday, we retreated to Banana Jam to claim their cooling, refreshing cocktails and to grab a bite. Of course half of Cape Town had the same idea and it was packed but we managed to grab a table inside next to a window.

I ordered a rock shandy but it was a bit watery so I sent it back for some more lemonade. The waiter had ZERO attitude about my request (no dumb founded expressions). A second waiter or floor manager asked if I wanted a whole new drink, something else or just a top up? I was happy with a top up. It was returned absolutely perfectly with no qualms. Great service, Ramsay would be proud!


As the day cooled my hunger was increasing but I knew I’d have to wait much longer because of the restaurant being so full. I was wrong! Our food arrived as quickly (not microwave quickly) as ever! I’ve been preaching about the Deep fried Camembert, sweet chilli, rocket, chicken burger for YEARS and it NEVER fails to let me down!


The chips were fresh and crispy (usually the first thing that tastes like they’ve been sitting around as chefs wrestle with numbers), onion rings lightly crumbed and flavoured with herbs and even though I ate my sides first, when I cut into my Camembert, it oozed out with the beautiful texture of warm, melted cheese. Proof that this is cooked fresh and thoroughly! The one and only time I went to Nelson’s Eye (supposedly one of Cape Town’s best steak restaurants) they served me uncooked “deep fried” Camembert but at Banana Jam my whole main cost the same as their pathetic starter.


They also have a gas grill that runs during summer time where one can enjoy a protein of one’s choice accompanied with cool sides. My favourite cocktails are the Pink Sunset. The Green Iguanas are also very popular. Find Banana Jam at the Kenilworth end of 2nd avenue down the road from Harfield Village.



Is Banana Jam the king of fine dining? No. Do they use fresh, clean produce? Yes. It it well seasoned and presented? Yes. Is it value for money? Absolutely. Does it taste damn good? Hells yeah!


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