Charly’s Bakery, Zonnebloem, 25.01.12



The irony about Charly’s Bakery is that their bakes goods aren’t actually the best baked goods I’ve ever tasted EVER, yet the quaint store positioned in Zonnebloem (next to the Castle Hotel and a block up from Dias Tavern) fills you with inspiration from the moment you see the building. Of course their baked good ARE delicious but it’s the vibe of the store that really impresses me. The building is painted with pink and white stripes with lots of little cartoon characters. Charly’s Bakery is presented in big bubble like text, from the moment you see Charly’s, staying away is not an option. The imagination placed into the art work and cakes is the star of the bakery.


Once inside, vanilla and chocolate fragrances fill your nose, the store walls are filled with magical baking appliances, a shiny chandelier with glitter sprinkled around the food, the display windows filled with goodies from savory items like quiches to sweet treats like cheese cakes, chocolate brownies and cookies, Charly’s literally makes you feel like you’re Charlie from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – filled with hope, love and a grumbling tummy! Maybe this is where they got their idea?

20120127-075427.jpgSince one’s senses are preoccupied with gorgeous scents, it’s hard to choose which sense to give into! Sight, smell or taste? It’s a dangerous combination to mix childhood excitement with an adult salary! Not to mention not having any parents to say, ‘No! Not before dinner…’ These goods might be dinner! Charly’s Bakery, now in it’s third location, was started by a Namibian who feel in love firstly with baking, secondly with a woman and thirdly, the Mother City – Cape Town. All of these feelings are translated directly through their food. Their staff can literally be seen baking and the decorating cakes, definitely adding to the foodie excitement.


Everyone who lives in the city bowl is very well acquainted with Charly’s Bakery, but so are celebrities. Inside Charly’s is a ‘press wall’ displaying all their printed press features and even a picture of Oprah with a Charly’s cake! Forget the Cake Boss, Charly’s is boss! It’s a great place to feel like you’re transported up the Far Away Tree to a magical land where your senses lead you and your worries are forgotten. Pop in for your favourites on take away, or sit down on their front porch and enjoy some morning or afternoon tea with Charly’s.

P.S Personalised celebration cakes can also be done one the spot. Simply order your treats and the staff will personalise them for you. YUM FUN!


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