Making Truffles at the Lindt Chocolate Studio at the V&A Waterfront

World Chocolate Day nearly slipped past me! But being a HUGE chocoholic that I am (I’ve eaten chocolate every day since lockdown started, literally), I had to share my favourite chocolate experience in Cape Town. The Lindt Chocolate Studio is MORE than indulgent and loads of fun!

Step 1: Chocolate 101

The day starts with a short introduction to chocolate, how it’s grown, where it comes from, the different grades. It’s educational and not boring at all – if you have any interest in chocolate or food!

Step 2: Tutorial

This then followed by a tutorial on how to make your own ganache and chocolate truffles. Again, there are some handy tips to get the best out of it such as piping before the ganache cools too quickly, use one hand in the liquid chocolate, one hand in the dry ingredients (so they don’t all stick together) and not to wipe your hands on your chef wipes!


Step 3: The Practical Truffle Making

Part three is actually DOING the truffles – YUM! Take a look at the goodness below! They give you a WHOLE vat of melted chocolate which you can scoop out into a tub (which they also let you take home as they can’t recycle it, obviously) as well as the truffles you make.

Lindt Studio Truffle Making Class Prices

I’ve been with work and I’ve been with family and it’s been a great experience both times!

You can check out the different Lindt classes if you want to do macarons or truffles or cake baking.

  • The Truffle classes are R395 per person and worth EVERY BITE! Trust me, you walk away with a LOT of chocolate.
  • Please be sure to arrive 15 minutes before class so you can get changed, wash hands, etc. No late comers.
  • Only personal photography allowed in the studio, no professional photographers.


Lindt Chocolate Studio Tickets

Tickets are available from the Lindt website for R395 OR you can buy discounted tickets on Hyperli where you can get 2 tickets for R500 (basically R250 per person instead of R395).

Just be sure to read the fine print as you have to buy the voucher on Hyperli and then book through the Lindt website with the code. There are 2 tabs on the Hyperli webpage: 1) Description 2) Fine Print – read both, they’re quick.

Have FUN!



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  1. says: Candi Durr

    Hi there, do you now if the Lindt Studio in Cape Town still offers truffle making classes? I cant seem to find any information.

    1. says: Tech Support

      Hi Shirney, you’ll need to contact Lindt to find out those details as we didn’t have any kids with us that day so I don’t know. Hope you come right!