We Love Bass @ Penthouse Backpackers, Cape Town, 22.01.12

I’ve been slack on the Facebook event section since the new Timeline format which meant I completely missed the We Love Bass event invite. If my friend hadn’t suggested a drink under the late afternoon sky then I would probably have spent the day wondering what awesome music filled thing to do instead of doing what was right under my newsfeed.

The event had quite confusing details about the address but the roof top, bass filled, drink offering event was enough to spark my interest and get me to Loop street. I’ve been to many backpackers since living in Cape Town but had never seen nor heard of Penthouse backpackers. This would explain why I used the wrong entrance after taking ‘A’ lift, not ‘The’ lift to the premises. This resulted in me wondering through kitchenettes, bathrooms, lounges, dead-end stairwells and tourist-laundry-filled-dormitory-lined passage ways.

Eventually after a few dead ends, I found my way to the Penthouse rooftop, an extraordinary location in Cape Town thanks to the 360 degree views. The address may say the 6th floor but it’s more like the 10th. The space holds a tabled picnic area, chill out zone, large double bar, DJ booth, dance floor and snack table. R5 for 1 piece of watermelon, R10 for 3. R15 for 1 hotdog, R25 for 2. (And 2 loos #justsaying).

Totem had started the day with his drum n bass beats, in true form, playing on the deep side to melt away the afternoon. Oxblood followed with many of his own compositions (he yelled when it was his), which were fun and intriguing but some should be left on the pc – not developed enough. Next was Carla Francesca who had technical difficulties and had to forfeit her slot, so Totem helped out until.

To say goodbye to the sun, PHFat’s Narch pumped his brand of glitch hop beats, with a few fun mash ups which spoke directly to the audience. Next up was Big Space who played some UK Funky / Afro house beats which went down a treat with the audience which had now tripled. A visual artist projected graphics onto the building next to the Penthouse backpackers, elevating the party to the next level.

Dub DJ 7ft Soundsystem brought the music tone down, but not in a kill joy way, simply helped the music “wind down” a little bit. People were happy to keep dancing, drinking (and arriving for that matter); the tone of the party was just more subtle than the usual club banger vibe. Pure Solid was the last DJ I caught, his beats kept the tone moving as the party grew under the beautiful night sky.

Apparently the next party is in February, if you’re into great electronic music, something a little underground, a new environment (not the same old, same old) then best keep your eyes peeled. Just above every DJ who was there (and there were a few!) were promised that they would play the next one, so the line up is going to be interesting. I hope the weather holds out because I can’t wait for the next one!

The party went on after midnight but I still think an early evening set is the way to go for rooftop parties. It allows the audience to take in the amazing evening views during day light, in hot weather, with rolling beats, instead of simply being out at night (lots of clubs have balconies).

Snacks, booze, beats, sunshine and an incredible view – what more could one ask for on such a beautiful Saturday afternoon?


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