Goodbye Hog Hoggidy Hog :( Cape Town Will Miss You!

It is with very mixed feelings that I write this post as I say goodbye to one of my favourite South African bands of all time. Not only are they proudly South Africa but proudly Motherf**king City proud!

The first time I ever saw Hog Hoggidy Hog was at Up the Creek in about 2004. I had never really seen a punk band before but I was enthralled. I met George Bacon (lead vocalist) and said to him, “Him not sure if you belong in heaven or hell. You’re too bad for heaven and too sweet for hell.” I don’t know what I was thinking, but it seemed to be the right thing at the time. Since then they have definitely been firmly placed in my top 5 South African bands. I have no idea how many of their gigs I have seen, both at festivals and in clubs, but they are countless and a guaranteed awesome night out!

Being such a fan has brought me to a bitter sweet ending for my relationship with the Hogs! George Bacon has officially moved to Germany, taking my lovely Hog Hoggidy Hog band with him and, therefore, leaving me divided. The one half of me is completely over the moon for the band. They are awesome and should absolutely be world famous punk musos. But on the other hand, I can no longer take it for granted that I will just pop out to see the Hogs any time I want!

So instead I will say thank you. Thanks for the amazing tunes from back in the day (EP) & recent years. Thanks for the gigs at the Purple Turtle, Le Stat, Cool Runnings LONG STREET, I’m sure I caught u in the northern suburbs too but I can’t recall, ROAR, Mercury (The Jam), festivals like Up the Creek, Ramfest, Obz Fest, Synergy, Rocking the Daisies and for being the sound track to every braai, house party and road trip I ever did (and will do).

Although I am sad to say fair well, I’m grateful not to be saying goodbye for good. I’d rather break up with the band than the band break up! Go forth and conquer the world, they deserve it :))

P.S I forgot to mention the times I took my mother to the Arm Chair theatre to see the Hogs and I was puked on. This wasn’t enough of a reason for us to leave, she was loving the Hogs too much! Plus the night I said we had to leave Zula cause I had a funny feeling but she said, “No, I’m watching the Hogs.” My car was broken into that night and half my clothes, all my make up and shoes were nicked. We heart the hogs!

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