Stellenbosch Fresh Goods Market, Oude Libertas, 04.02.12

It seems that day markets have really captivated the Cape Town public, with Houtbay Market, Earthfair Market and the Biscuit Mill, I was surprised to hear about the Stellenbosch Fresh Goods Market! Stellenbosch has become a well loved University town based in the centre of the Stellenbosch wine farm area. Stellenbosch is a beautiful; rich in vineyards, oak trees and some of South Africa’s best produce from their world famous wines, fresh produce and live stock farming. Knowing this about Stellenbosch, I knew the arts, crafts and foods would be fresh and delicious at the Stellenbosch Market.

On a beautiful 30 degree day in Cape Town, I knew Stellenbosch would be even hotter. The weather does not joke around on the Boland and boiling it was. Reaching 34, the hills of Stellenbosch shone under the deep blue sky. The Stellenbosch Market is situated opposite the Distill distillery, home to many brandy and wine brands, at Oude Libertas. Many concerts and cultural events are held at Oude Libertas due to the beautiful green setting, next to famed Neethlingshof wine estate, and the market was no exception.

Dozens of bright umbrellas mushroomed under the leafy oak trees, offering consumables from Chinese teas, chilli mixes, holistic juices and lunch time treats like fruit smoothies, falafel pitas, wraps, to name a few. Apart from the outdoor food stalls there is also a second section, just above the food stalls, which contain home items and clothing stalls. From trance festival fashions to design orientated t-shirts, home items like wooden slated place mats and home decorations can be found at the market.

There is a third indoor section with consumables such as delicious cakes, an olive stand with EVERY type of olive – the lady assured me that there was an olive for everyone – wines from various farms including sparkling wines. There was even a sushi stand! Locally brewed beers are also on sale for those who like an early party start on a Saturday morning – I chose a glass of sparkling wine instead. R30 / glass with a R20 deposit, returned with glass.

I found a large share table on the balcony of the building over looking a vineyard framed by the Stellenbosch Mountains. For lunch I indulged in a ‘home made’ falafel pita with home made tatziki and hummus – delicious, paired with a frozen mixed berry smoothie, it was a perfect lunch for such a hot day.

I recommend starting at the market early as it may become very hot and all the treats may sell out. There are great bargains like brie and Camembert cheese – any 2 for R30! People are hungry so make sure you don’t wait too long to purchase your desired lunch. Parking can also become more difficult as the car park quickly fills up. Enjoy a beautiful Saturday morning out at the Stellenbosch market with friends or family.

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