MAC Trends 2012, @ The Old Biscuit Mill, Woodstock, 28.02.12

Every and any girl who knows me, knows that I am completely obsessed with MAC makeup. I can’t remember where the initial idea came from, but one day I went to Carnaby Street in London with my Mother. We walked down the narrow lanes, away from the bustling high street and found a MAC make up store. Inside, a really lovely assistant gave me some make up ideas and I bought my first few MAC products.

Upon returning to South Africa, my love affair with MAC has continued. Each year I buy a few new products – they last forever so it’s easy to build up a good range. Sadly, one night in January a few years ago, my car was broken into in Long street and all my make up was stolen :(( I was so sad, like loosing your sticker collection as a kid!!! But slowly over time, I have come to accumulate another lovely collection, including numerous eye shadows from gold, green, browns, aubergines, pearly shaded pastes, lip gloss, bronzers, concealers, base, fixers, lipsticks and even eye lashes! MAC is the make up novice solution to GLORIOUS make up! From growing up as a complete tomboy, I have literally ONLY followed tips by the MAC sales artists and now my make up always pops. With MAC ,it is so easy to look so good even if you don’t have a clue what you’re doing! So with this in heart, I was really happy to be invited to the launch of the 2012 MAC trends presentation at the Old Biscuit Mill for a trends show.

I thought the event would be a ladies day out to learn about make up trends, so I was very surprised when the event was filled with fashionista types, magazine beauty experts, bloggers and other scary creative art types. Why are those involved with fashion so cold?! It makes total sense that they were there, I just expected more down to earth types like myself! None the less, I was not going to be deterred from enjoying a day out with my favourite make up house. The even organisers were really lovely, greeting me and inviting me to have a glass of beautiful Pierre Jourdan – another favourite of mine – I knew this would be a great event!

A fashion show ensued and senior make up artist Michelle-Lee Collins was responsible for much of the “artwork” on the day along side other make up artists who used live models to show the trends. When I managed to meet her after the show, she was as friendly and warm to me as she had been to her friends before…or maybe they weren’t her friends! May be she’s just that lovely! I’m not sure but she was really welcoming and I was impressed that she was interested in me as a ‘client’ as all the other far more fashionably qualified visitors! I also received help from Danielle, a MAC consultant who rang a store with a query of mine right there and then. A special note goes to Carine Glass of C Below who was involved with the running of the event. She was friendly, organised and helpful and helped me connect with the MAC representatives.

I always swear by MAC as a product and find the store assistants very polite, respectful and helpful. Many women are put off by the snotty attitudes of cosmetic sales women which actually works against them because women don’t want to ask questions and explore brands this, however, is not the case at MAC. Since then I bought 2 more MAC products even though they kindly included a lipstick in their gift bag (along with a clip board with the day’s trends recapped) amongst a few other cute gifts. Thank you to the organisers of MAC Trends 2012, perhaps you can share the graciousness of MAC with all those scary fashion people to bridge the gap between those who are selling and those who are buying.

P.S One more reason to love MAC: Return 6 empty make up containers and receive a free lipstick :))

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