Win Tickets For Step Up 4 Birthday Party!

Boring Cape Town ChickAs you may know by now, Step Up is one of my favourite projects in Cape Town. If it weren’t for Step Up, I would never have been introduced to dubstep and I feel quite sorry for people who only jumped onto the dubstep bandwagon after Skrillex rocked up. I also feel sorry for the people who now hate dubstep due to the Skrillex bandwagon. Luckily for me, I learnt there were all sorts of dubstep songs on the planet and still enjoy the “old school” style.

Step Up created a platform for DJs such as SFR, P.O.W, Binary, Hyphen, Blotchy, Fletcher and the two ladies who maintain the show: Funafuji and Ish to share their interest in dubstep music. Exposing lovers of electronic music in Cape Town and showcasing the music. One of my favourite outdoor parties was Sound Squad and I only attended due to my new found love for dubstep.

Step Up has also been responsible for bringing some of the biggest DJ producers to Cape Town, from Coki at Zula and Mala at Fiction from Digital Mystikz, Code 9, LV and Scratch DVA and this weekend they continue this trend as they celebrate their 4th birthday at The Assembly with D3adl1ne (UK) and Jonny Miller (UK). They’ll be supported by local DJ’s KidFonque, Fletcher and Step Up Soundsystem: Ish, Funafuji and Blotchy. In the Annex LG Fritz, Adonis feat. Evil Boy and Mongoose.

Never heard of these internationals? Listen as you read up on their work below!


D3adl1ne is an up and coming producer from Southport, England. He produces on the deeper side of dubstep called Future Garage, with influences like Burial and Submerse, incorporating the sounds of ambient, dubstep and 2-step garage.

Jonny Miller:

Jonny Miller is a DJ and producer based in London, England. He mixes dubstep , breaks and soul and even made a mix to celebrate StepUp4! He’s played at numerous festivals such as the Southport Weekender, as well across Europe including Italy and France. His focus is on dubstep and future music.

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